MedMo ReOpen New York Pitch Contest & Future of Healthcare Panel


Thu Jul 22 2021 at 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm


Rent24 | New York, NY

MedMo ReOpen New York  Pitch Contest & Future of Healthcare Panel MedStartr Momentum contests bring together startups, investors, key stakeholders, patient activists, physicians, nurses, and the community.
About this Event
The 2021 MedStartr Momentum ReOpen The World Tour (#MedMo) Join us!

After adapting to the pandemic last year, we decided it was wise to cancel all our in-person events and go completely virtual. First, by running our signature pitch contest through zoom and live streaming it to thousands of viewers. Then we started the MedStartr Healthcare Innovators Club on clubhouse where it quickly became one of the largest communities on the app. We have run over 500 events there this year, ranging in topic from Alzheimer's innovations to Vaccines. It's been a fantastic new way to meet tens of thousands of startups, investors, healthcare leaders and patient activists like yourselves and we have seen many of you there already. But after a year and a half of these virtual events and being vaccinated we decided to Reopen MedMo's World Tour!

IRL and Virtual Together

We will livestream the event as usual via Zoom and host a clubhouse discussion as well. Since it costs less to do virtual, if you want to participate through Zoom, please purchase the ticket. This allows people to engage with the MedStartr team and panelists during the event, ask questions, post comments and more. People on clubhouse ( and watching the livestream can attend for free, as always. Being in the room is much better, but after piloting the triple platform event at our Kickoff in Chicago, we have to say it was pretty great and will keep doing it!

Everyone is a Pitch Contest Judge!

We believe that when we connect, we will collaborate and create the future of healthcare better, faster, and in more ways than alone. We also think the wisdom of crowds of healthcare enthusiasts are better at judging than just a few people. For this reason we ask everyone to help judge. You can do it here:

Staying Safe

In order to make sure that everyone stays safe at our events, we require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within a week from the event to be allowed entrance. Proof of vaccination should be sent in advance to [email protected] Masks and COVID tests (which we will have at the door) wil be required for the unvaccinated. Please sign up for the Excelsior Pass ahead of time for proof of Vaccination status.

We invite:

All Startups to Apply to get on stage and win entry into our portfolio of amazing companies and accelerator / funding program that provides up to 2 million dollars in funding. Win and we will put you through our due diligence process for investment and acceleration. Apply Here Now!

Physicians, Nurses and all other Caregivers that are looking for great new ideas to help their patients.

Patient Advocates and Activists to weigh in on which ideas they like best help us pick the best ones to assist in their mission.

Hospital, Educational, and Institutional Leaders and Staff that are interested in mentoring, testing, trying, piloting, and promoting healthcare innovations.

Pharma, Digital Health Companies, Medical Device Pros and all the companies that Partner, distribute, market, and do business in healthcare that want to find new companies to work with or just see what's out there. Since most of you can expense this, we ask you to support the event and community by buying a ticket here at a discount!

Students, Startup Founders, People in Transition and all interested in helping grow the Healthcare Innovation Community ($10 only!)


6:00 - Meet, Greet and Tweet #MedMo with healthcare leaders, healthy snacks and drinks

6:15 - Keynote on ReOpening the World for Healthcare Innovators!

6:30 - First Round of Pitches!

7:15 Networking Break!

7:35 More Pitches!

8:20 Panel Discussion: Innovating in a Post-Covid World

8:45 More Networking

9:00 Winners Announced and After Party

Why we are doing this? Who are you people?

This event is brought to you by MedStartr Ventures, our VC fund that invests in and accelerates the best new companies in healthcare. Based in NYC, we know not all the best ideas are in New York so we travel around the world looking for them! We call this the MedStartr Momentum World Tour, or just #MedMo for short. The team that created MedStartr.VC grew out of the Health 2.0 NYC community in New York and also created To learn more or to get involved please engage us on social media at @MedStartr or @alexbfair everywhere or call 530.MED.STAR anytime.

More about the MedStartr Ventures Acceleration Program:

Winning teams will be evaluated for inclusion in the MedStartr Acceleration Program which initially provides over $350,000 in funding and services including three years of support from the MedStartr Ventures team and Mentor network. MedStartr is no ordinary accelerator though. We select companies that are obtaining support from patients, providers, partners, institutions and investors and then accelerate them with services and introductions critical to startups in healthcare.

Why Pitch? What is all this about Momentum?

Pitching at a MedMo event helps get all companies the momentum they need to succeed in healthcare. MedStartr was started as a passion project to help as many innovations and entrepreneurs as possible and we remain true to that mission. Healthcare has changed in many ways in the 13 years since we started but there is more to do. Join us and help evolve medicine until we all can live longer, better lives!


Up to ten teams will be selected. Please Apply here to Pitch if you would like to be among them


Sunita Parajuli MD - Medical Director at Archcare Facility; Infectious disease specialist

Shereece Maynard, MS, MBA, Investor, HITlikeaGirl Podcast,

Mette Dyhrberg, CEO, Mymee

Sai Thurumulu, CEO, Direct Shifts

(More Coming, Stay Tuned! Apply to become a judge here)

Sponsored by

McCarter and English, Law Firm / Joe Daniels,


Want to Sponsor or Connect to the Community on a Deeper level?

Call us at 530.MED.STAR (530.633.7827) anytime or email us here.

Where is it happening?
Rent24, 25 West 39th Street, 14 floor, New York, United States

USD 0.00 to USD 1500.00

Host or PublisherMedStartr
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