Manifest that Vision Tour 2022


Sat Jan 29 2022 at 10:00 am to Sat Feb 19 2022 at 02:00 pm


Disclosed After Registration | Philadelphia, PA

Manifest that Vision Tour 2022
Manifest that Vision for 2022 by Elevating Your Life
About this Event

Are you an ambitious black professional woman aka a Bizzy Boss Babe who is killing it in your industry or career?

While this is extremely rewarding, the downside is that it has its challenges to include NOT being able to slow down, stop, and focus on taking care of the most important person in your life, YOU!

I am talking to you if you need to Brace yourself and experience Breakthrough in more areas than your Business and Bank account!

I know, it is so tempting to focus on your career goals BUT what about the broken relationships with your parent(s) or less than ideal upbringing with your parents, guardians or siblings; the inability to manage your daily stress and feelings of overwhelm and frustration from life’s demands, the resentment you are holding on to from the last relationship or divorce that is preventing you from loving again; the childhood issues you continue to ignore and suppress and the list goes on and on.

Yay yay yay, we already know how to make 6 figures in a year, or a decent salary and how to make 1k in 1 day, or week secure the degree, the bag and/or the dream job AND nothing is wrong with that BUT the same energy you put in elevating your external environment is the SAME energy you need to give to elevating your internal environment.

If not, you are Sabotaging your well-being and headed for SELF-DESTRUCTION!

If any of this resonates with you, I want to invite you to the Manifest that Vision Workshop 2022.

Let me be clear, this is not a vision board party. I don’t have anything against vision boards or vision board parties but what I know for sure is in addition to having clarity on your vision for your business and bank account, you ALSO need clarity and strategy on how you are going to serve you during this. You need a strategy on how to not lose yourself in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of expanding your business and leaving a legacy. We talk about building a business that is scalable but what about Emotional Health that is scalable.

Here is what I know, if your Emotional Health is starved or ignored, you cannot successfully give to Business or Bank health without BURNOUT!

Too often, my Bizzy Boss Babes make the mistake of having a vision and jumping into action and say things and create habits that is counterproductive to their overall health.

In 2022, we aren’t doing that anymore…can I get an AMEN!

In 2022, we are ELEVATING OUR LIFE!

Consider the Manifest that Vision Tour to Manifest that Vision from managing your Bizzy Boss Babe!

This will be a LIVE intensive workshop and during this workshop; we will begin with clarity, identify the underlying principles that governs success inwardly, then identify the process and strategy that will help you develop a comprehensive plan for action over a 90 day period. My goal is to help you achieve in 90 days what most people accomplish is a year.

Here is what you will walk away with:

• Clarity on Your Vision

• Clarity on Your Goal

• Personal Goal Map

• A clearly defined strategy to meet your personal goal (rather that is to grow closer to God, better self-care/healing or preparing yourself for that special someone. In any case, I got you)

• Manifest that Vision Workbook for daily accountability

This will be an intimate setting as seating is limited to 30 people. I will be doing at least two laser coaching sessions where I will walk two people through the step-by-step process. We will also do this as a group so you will have an opportunity to ask specific questions on your goals.

Here are a few testimonials of people who attended my workshop had to say:

"This is my year! Last night I was part of [Be Ye Transformed Acceleration Weekend]. I have clarity on my vision. I have clarity on my spiritual growth. Now I have [bigger] dream because of this awesome workshop! I have a lot more clarity about [my purpose]. I realize that [some] people will not understand but God is going to start pushing some of these people out of my life." ~Rolanda Phillips

"I just want to say, the time investment…was nothing short of amazing. It was worth everything I put into it. Clarity was brought to all my goals, and I have learned so many steps and tips to be successful! This will be a year like no other, manifestations coming out my pores because I have decided to take life by the reigns, put the word to work and dominate..."~Te'Aire Griffn

Seat are limited and tickets are selling fast to secure your spot today. Our promise is after this, your life will NEVER be the same!

This is For You:

If you desire clarity on which goals, you should be focusing on right now and how to achieve them without burning out or feeling overwhelmed, this is for you.

If you want to discover why you are stuck and how to get your life back in gear, this is for you.

If you want to discover Why Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals are a Must to be Successfully in 2022, this is for you.

If you want to receive Step-by-Step Guidance on How to Write Out Your Goal Achievement Plan for the Year, this is for you.

If you want to Learn How to Stop Wasting Time and Money, Trying to Find the Secret to Success and Get the Formula for Success, this is for you.

If you want to learn How to take You Vision and Goals Into an Actionable Plan that Is Easy to Execute , this is for you.

If you want to Learn How to Finally Not Only Set but Also Achieve Your Goals, this is for you.

If you want to Learn How to Create a Goal Achievement Plan Which Will Attract the Right Relationship/People Into Your Life and Avoid Another Dead-End Relationship, this is for you.

If you want to Learn How to Develop a Goal Achievement Plan Where You Can Experience Success in Your Life Every Day, this is for you.

This is NOT for you if:

You believe in and will continue the “I will sleep when I die” method.

You are willing to continue starving your mental and emotional health for the sake of making millions.

You are willing to continue sacrificing, cultivating, and nurturing meaningful relationships.

If you want to wing it and try to figure it out as you go.

If you aren't interested in having a written plan to achieve your personal goals.

If you aren't willing to make a nominal investment to manifest your personal goals for 2022.

If you want to keep the status quo.

If you want are unteachable and prefer to learn from personal experience rather than instructions and a proven system.

Jan. 29th, 2022 Philadelphia, PA -Event Off N. Broad St Philly, PA

Feb. 5th, 2022 Washington, DC Event Off Annapolis Rd in Bowie, MD

Feb. 19th, 2022 Charleston, SC O Event Off Old Murray Dr, Hanahan, SC

Feb. 26th, 2022 Atlanta, GA

Mar. 5th, 2022 Chicago, IL


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Disclosed After Registration, Disclosed After Registration, Philadelphia, United States

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