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Fri Feb 17 2023 at 02:00 pm to 06:00 pm


Simply Body Talk | Mumbai, MH

Why are some leaders charismatic when they are on the stage? What makes us want to hold on to their every word? Is it about the way they are delivering their content? Body language and nonverbal communication can play a huge role in how impactful they sound when they are giving a speech or presentation. Join us as we discuss very specific strategies that all of us can use right away to add more punch to our style. Be it for speeches or even for a business presentation.

To help presenters to master the art of delivering content with confidence and passion and connecting with audience using different nonverbal methods.


Nonverbal communication makes up for more than 70% of the entire message that we are trying to put across to people in front of us. During presentations this becomes all the more crucial since two way communication is limited so you need to be able to use an effective tool to keep your audience hooked onto your content and make sure that you are aware where they are losing interest or not getting what you are speaking about.


Difficulty Level: Two

Duration: Four Hours


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Trainers Engineers & Analysts
  • Senior Leaders Entrepreneurs


  • Evaluate your public speaking strengths and weaknesses
  • Deliver your message with the right type of confidence
  • Know exact body language tweaks to use for giving a specific message
  • Gauging audience interest based on cues
  • Be in command of the first impression that you want to project
  • Become more comfortable empathetic and dynamic when you present
  • Mastery style of delivery based on type of audience
  • Highlight those instances of your speech that you want the audience to remember


  • Highly engaging in nature encouraging every attendee to participate
  • As always we will use relevant video clips for discussion of the subject.
  • Tips shared are universal; gender and culture agnostic
  • We will be using elaborate role plays during the day to see how nonverbal communication plays out in actual Presentations scenarios.
  • Participants will be given specific presentation strategies and then guided how to intertwine different styles of presentations strategies and body language all in one setup.


Testimony from Participant of the previous workshop Conducted:

A lot of things when in right combinations makes an Impactful Presentation. Attire to First Impressions venue selection to right body gestures delivery style to impactful pauses… EVERYTHING COUNTS !!! Simply Body Talk beautifully covered all the above aspects and much more in the workshop Making Impactful Presentations. Simply Impressed!

Sanket Gohil

Country Manager-

India Microdyn Nadir Singapore Pte Ltd


The webinar done by Simply Body Talk was very informative in nature in terms of key elements of body language which mostly go unnoticed by me.The manner of explanation and use of photographs as case studies made it very easy for my understanding.

I look forward to attend more a detailed course with the Simply Body Talk team on similar topics.

Rahul Hingmire

Vice President

BNI Super Achievers

About Company: Simply Body Talk is one of its kind of companies to focus on the science of nonverbal communication since 2013 having presence internationally in a lot of countries including India Dubai Canada US Belgium etc. Our clients include senior leaders from corporates of Google Discovery Deloitte Wipro Capgemini P&G special forces of the Indian army etc. We work with individuals and corporate to ensure that right from first impressions to communicating in real time is applied well to all professional environments. We have various online courses and services specific to the subject of body language. And we use our in-house developed CUE CONNECT model to teach our years old research into this subject to all workshop participants no matter what be their age or experience.

About the Trainer: Bhavna Suleria will be the speaker for this event. She is the behavioural trainer and coach at Simply Body Talk. She has worked with managers from corporates like SBI Life Insurance HILTI Future Generali GST Mumbai etc to sharpen their leadership and communication style. Bhavna specialises in organisational psychology and workplace communication. She has to her credit a lot of research in this field published in national and international journals.

Where is it happening?

Simply Body Talk, C223, Simply Body Talk, Eastern Business, District, Above McD, LBS Road, Bhandup West, Mumbai 400078, Mumbai, India

INR 2477.18 to INR 3538.82

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