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Tue Dec 13 2022 at 11:00 am to 12:00 pm


San Tan Valley | San Tan Valley, AZ

I help YOU quickly and permanently say goodbye to stress and anxiety...even when everything else you've tried has failed.
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Do you feel misunderstood and overwhelmed by circumstances seemingly beyond your control?

Are you ready to RECLAIM YOUR LIFE and enjoy healthy, happy, and peaceful relationships with yourself and others?

Let me show you how you can easily be happier than you've ever been.

Permanently quit overthinking and start profoundly enjoying your experience of life....live, rather than exist.

Imagine having a clear and quiet mind...

  • Being able to make and trust personal and business decisions quickly.
  • Being efficient and productive without the continuous mental chatter getting in your way.
  • Being perceived by others as balanced and wise.
  • Without overthinking, second guessing or doubting yourself.

Learn the secret to ALWAYS knowing the right thing to do or say...

AND feel constantly grounded and peaceful.

You have no doubt been told that the way to lead a stress-free life is to 'self-care'.

Whoever told you this, hasn't been as fortunate as I was to discover that a carefree, successful and fulfilling life is the most natural and uncomplicated thing in the world..

and that 'self-care' can actually cause you more stress and frustration.

Let me show you 'The Catherine Harman Thought Retraining Process'

It's my way of 'being' every single day rather than exhausting myself 'doing'.

The truth is, I wasn't always like this.

There was a time when I was always anxious or depressed. My marriage was struggling, I had a chronic eating disorder, and was insecure and unhappy. I was very sensitive and felt hurt most the time. I had no control over my emotions...


I stumbled upon my secret to profound and everlasting happiness...it was utterly life-altering!

Now, I would very much like to share it with you.

Reserve your spot in my FREE masterclass...and learn how you can RECLAIM YOUR LIFE and love every single day!

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Meet Catherine Harman

Mother of two wonderful grown-up children, daughter of an amazingly inspiring 92 year old mother and wife of an incredible husband, these are her four best friends.

Catherine has been coaching for 30 years and always had good results due to her caring personality and hard work.

However, for many of those years, she struggled with stress, anxiety, digestive issues, skin problems, and headaches. Her marriage was struggling badly and her relationship with food was unhealthy, as she felt it was the only control she had.

Catherine was sensitive and easily emotionally hurt...though she appeared to have a perfect life from the outside.

Then she had a life-changing epiphany. She knew in that moment she would never be unhappy or insecure ever again...that she could live her life to the fullest, able to handle anything that came up with grace, and that she would never again find herself in arguments with her husband.

To this day, it remains true for Catherine and she now loves showing people how to reclaim their lives like she did. Her clients are getting incredible results!

If you're ready for the same in your life, she would love to help YOU!


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San Tan Valley, United States

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