KAP Sydney Immersion


Sat Feb 25 2023 at 11:00 am to 02:00 pm


City Yoga Studio | North Sydney, NS

Your group immersive session is held 1 minute from the Queen Victoria building and across the road from Town Hall station, at City Yoga Studio.
The process of KAP is safe, non-invasive and powerfully healing. While at an immersion event, you will lie comfortably on a yoga mat, close your eyes, relax and surrender to the music.
While the music is playing, KAP facilitator and experienced healing practitioner Kim Page will gently guide your source energy where it is needed, from above, while you lie safe and relaxed, with your eyes closed, on your own inner journey of healing.
With continued exposure to KAP, a profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system can occur, supporting deeper integration of the energy into your daily life.
During immersions, every sign of Kundalini, or life force, awakening, from the initial subtle energy flow, to later on in the process, manifestations of embodied, non-dual states of being and movement may be experienced.
The KAP process is safe and gentle and will not shock your system. It is a cathartic and powerful transmission of energy to release unprocessed emotions, past pain and trauma.
All emotions are welcome and simply pass through and are gone.
You may feel like singing, laughing, crying, or remaining silent as these shifting emotions pass through, while you lie on the mat through the process. Each experience is unique to the individual.
During KAP, the healing energy comes in through the crown of the participant’s head, working its way down through their body to the base of the spine before it flows back up and out of the crown of the head.
To better understand KAP, think of a road where traffic flows up one side and back on the other side. KAP keeps the energy flowing up and down the spine in both directions at the same time.
With repeated KAP experiences, the road becomes like a two-lane highway, then a three-lane highway, and then eventually, a five-lane highway.
Each time there will be a greater and stronger flow as the energy moves through – clearing away all that no longer serves you.
Kim is a trained facilitator who channels the energy and increases the strength of the flow for greater healing and wellbeing.
Music is playing, which helps facilitate the healing, and Kim does not talk or instruct during the KAP process.
We recommend you eat lightly before the session and drink plenty of water. Of course, please do not consume alcohol or mood-altering substances beforehand.
Yoga mats and blankets are supplied. However, you might like to bring your own cozy yoga mat and blanket for added comfort. Bring your water bottle and light, healthy snacks for break time and wear loose comfy yoga type clothing so you feel free to move with the music.

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City Yoga Studio, North Sydney, Australia

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