Kairos Training Camps Level 3 - ACTIVATIONS - Hayward, CA


Sat Oct 29 2022 at 05:00 am to Sun Oct 30 2022 at 03:00 pm


CrossFit Hayward | Tema, AA

At KTC Level 1 Training Camp, we discover a new foundational template to build our chiropractic artistry upon.
At KTC Level 2 Training Camp, we learn how to make adaptations to the template to expand our creativity and excellence in the application of the chiropractic principle.
At KTC Level 3 Training Camp, consistent training has allowed the template to be integrated with unconscious competence, and now, the true artist is activated as we connect to the greater field of intelligence with trust and surrender.
During these training camps, many experience MAJOR SHIFTS & BREAKTHROUGHS in their current life patterns and learn to channel focused energy into FLOW states of connectedness.
By participating in a Kairos Training Camp, you are choosing to remove yourself from the static noise and DROP IN WITHIN yourself; putting a spotlight directly on the questions, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses within your art form.
This is a BRAVE SPACE; a place where you can feel courageous while training side-by-side with people dedicated to peeling back layers of old habits in order to build effective, efficient, and sustainable practices.
You are joining a movement; a family. We show up for the people we train with, and we train for the people we serve.
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Dr. Brett Jones and Dr. Kate Jones
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- Tonal discovery of dissonant patterns locked within the body
- Tonal connections that allow people to re-discover their wholeness and restore harmony
- Feeling and sensing subtle energy fields
- Feeling and sensing mental/emotional tone
- An embodiment of “holding space”
- Various forms of breathwork that create altered states of consciousness opening the door to spiritual experiences
- Deep guided meditation practices
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- Principles of Tonal Chiropractic
- Discovery and listening at the depth of the Spinal Cord
- Exploration of Spinal Cord Tension Patterns (waves)
- Exploration of Spinal Cord Torsion Patterns (spirals)
- Exploration of Spinal Cord Fractal Dis-- Associative Patterns (fractals)
- Various forms of artful approaches to unwind neuro-spinal dysfunctional patterns
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- Fluid movement in Waves, Spirals, and Fractals
- Signature KTC "Activation Breathing"
- Signature KTC "Merkaba and META Meditation"
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-KTC training camps are not something you go to, but something you leave from
-Every attendee receives complimentary online training modules that assist what we teach at our training camps to continue their path in chiropractor evolution
Friday, October 28th from 6pm-10pm
Saturday, October 29th from 9am-7pm
Sunday, October 30th from 9am-12pm
***Please bring portable table and spine model if you have one.***
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If you have any questions, please email [email protected]
We look forward to training with you!

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CrossFit Hayward, 28460 Hesperian Blvd,Hayward,CA,United States, Tema, Ghana

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