Into the Wild - One year, 5 modules


Thu Mar 23 2023 at 03:00 pm


Farkaskútvölgy | Budapest, BU

Into the Wild - one year long group
You hear the call towards your primal wild nature being?
You got a taste or have an idea of how nourishing, inspiring and deeply magical somatic nature connection can be?
You are not the only one!
A community is shaping to dive in and deepen, to reclaim what it means to be human nature.
In five Modules, each 4 days long, throughout a yearcycle we will widen our access to the inner wildness and nature being of us humans.
Our main practice therefore will be Authentic Movement, in nature and inspired by nature. We will get to know and practice various aspects of Authentic Movement.
The process will be enriched and woven out of all the methodological backgrounds Greg and Irma combine. This includes body consciousness based dance improvisation, deep ecology, contactplayfight, wilderness practice threshold walks, process oriented psychology, experiential anatomy, contact improvisation and nonviolent communication.
The topics and focuses of the yearlong group will evolve step by step regarding the process we are in and the season we will inhabit. We will go along the seasons to let our wild naturebeing be inspired, be moved by nature and to move the nature within.
Being an ongoing group enables us to gain common experiences, to build up trust and therefore go deep into the practice. We can build friendship and open richer possibilities for transiting into everyday life. We will co-inspire and experience the creativity and impact a community of wilderness like us can unfold.
... practice Authentic Movement in a warm studio and a vast wild nature landscapes and forests
… let nature inform and inspire our wildness
... dare awareness shifts in physical encounter with nature
… rewild with animal movement
... invite the healing aspect of touch and playfight in a safe way
... let ourselves fall in love with gravity
… slow down and be gentle with ourselves
... experience the gift of seeing and being seen in our power and our vulnerability
... and maybe shift a little bit from human centered thinking to earth centered perceiving

Every module is open for participation, you can come to one or more of them, our intention is that a committed group will be shaped during the year.
Experience in Authentic Movement is recommended but not a prerequisite, maybe other experiential backgrounds give you and us the same ground. If you want to find out about this, get in touch with us!
We will interview each Candidate for yearlong group for personal connection and clarity about your experience for 30 min. with us online.
... diary and pencil
... paper in a small format and colors.
... clothes for moving outside
... good shoes to move safely cross country through the forest. (e.g. simple hiking shoes, running shoes, barefoot shoes. The landscape is in general easy to walk.)
... small day backpack
... water bottle/thermos bottle
... something to sit outside in all weather
... hammock and sleeping bag if you want to sleep outside in the forest. (For sleeping in the hammock we advise you to take a yoga mat instead of a camping mattress.)
... whatever you need to feel safe in nature

Spring - Sprouting Dreams
2023 march 23-26
Summer - Nature's embrace
2023 june 15-18
Autumn - Indigineous Mind
2023 september 28 - october 1
Winter - Dear Darkness
2024 january 18-21
Spring - Sprouting Dreams
2024 may 16-19
arrival thursdays at 12.00
we will have lunch together
departure sundays at 15.30
also including lunch together

A super beautiful venue in Hungary, surrounded by hills and forests, 24 hectares property with a small lake, sauna and horses.
We will move mostly in nature as well in a dance studio.
Getting there: it is 2 hours from Budapest by bus, one and a half by car. We will offer as well carsharing two weeks before the retreat by email.

for each module:
social : 190 euros
normal: 220
supportive: 260
for the year long:
social: 900 euros
normal : 1050
supportive : 1300
Paying the supportive price you support those with limited budget who pay social.
Possibility to pay in 2 times.

in yourte with 8 beds
58500 HUF - 147 euros
in apartment with 5 beds
68500 HUF - 172 euros
Those prices include accomodation and delicious vegan and gluten free food made by our cook.


DATE LIMIT for registration/paiement:
2023 february 23

by email
[email protected]
Wildness is our biological heritage, our animal body contains functional ways of expression and motion which abound power, life force and ancient wisdom. It reminds us of our common animate nature and connects us collectively, not only amongst humans but also amongst the wider community of animate beings. This deep interconnectedness with nature and its phenomenons can be a both sided love relation.
We can call upon the wild within, to empower us, to restore the courage and physical wisdom that are blunted by modern life.
By relating and gaining intimate experiences with nature, you widen the perception of yourself, from being an isolated human being to being part of this lively community: your ecological self.
You re-member yourself into this connectedness.
Authentic Movement explores the relationship between a mover and a witness, being seen and seeing. It is a subtle guidance to discover who we are in the present moment through the spontaneous movement of our bodies.
It provides a safe container to deepen the relationship to oneself, to release inhibitions and to relate authentically through movement and self expression. Each Authentic Movement sequence can deepen into a ritual to embody, step by step, the powers of your wildness within.
In nature, the personal human process is supported and mirrored honestly, with warmth of sun rays caressing your cheeks, with rotten wood in your hands ready to help you bring that unheard sound over your lips, or balancing on a fallen tree with closed eyes struggling and surrendering the adventure of not knowing the next step.

Irma Pelikan (AU)
Since 2010 leading training and facilitating personal development with a methodological background of nonviolent communication, deep ecology, authentic movement and process oriented psychology. My style is welcoming, playful and clear, allowing depth to unfold. As I spend countless hours outside in the forest at all times of the year, moving, dancing with and becoming nature, I know the healing aspect and the wonder of it.
Grégory Chevalier (Fr/Hu)
Somatic educator, dancer and choreographer.
Since 2012, I facilitate Authentic Movement focused workshops and retreats. I perceive Authentic Movement as a gateway towards freedom of expression, giving space for the unconscious to rise up, translating the simplicity of presence into motion and non-conformism to be fully embraced. I co-lead The Moving Man training, weaving somatic movement together with psychotherapy. I am the choreographer of KIT ensemble, a Contact Improvisation dance company researching somatic as a concept base. I am the founder of Kontaktland festival and Contact Playflight.

Where is it happening?

Farkaskútvölgy, ,Holloko, Hungary, Budapest, Hungary

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Into the Wild - Authentic Movement in Nature

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