In-Person All About Pleasure for Women Workshop


Fri Mar 17 2023 at 05:00 pm to Sun Mar 19 2023 at 05:00 pm



Sarah's Home in Martinez | Martinez, CA

Join your sisters! Celebrate your unique feminine power,
strength, wisdom and juiciness in a loving and safe environment.
About this Event

Women, have you found yourself at some point questioning:

  • How can I increase my own libido?
  • Is there more to feel and experience sexually?
  • Could I have more orgasms?
  • What do other women experience in their sex lives?
  • Am I sexually "normal"?
  • How do I ask my partner for what I want sexually?
  • How can I connect deeper with my partner?
  • How can I learn to love what I see when I look in the mirror?
  • Has menopause changed my sexuality?
  • Is using sex toys a bad idea? Will they steal my sensitivity?

We are going to spend this time together where we create a very safe environment welcoming your tears, laughter, challenges and playfulness. In every moment you are always at choice. When women get together with open hearts, something so magical and profound happens and we become teachers for each other.

We are going to experience the gift of women nurturing each other on all levels: eating together, cuddling, deeply sharing with each other, holding each other hearts and supporting.

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In this fun, deep and expansive workshop you will ...

  • Awaken your inner Goddess
  • Heighten your ability for pleasure
  • Honor and appreciate your body
  • Release shame around sexuality
  • Discover the secrets to multiple orgasms
  • Become friends with your desire
  • Learn the art of ‘Sensual Mapping’
  • Increase your understanding of female sexuality
  • Learn how to ask for what you want
  • Uncover the secrets of the G-Spot
  • Experience deep emotional intimacy


The workshop will be held in a beautiful place called "The Valley of the Heart" which is located 45 mins drive from San Diego. It's a perfect place to unplug from everyday life activities and to emerge in nature with quietness and stunning views like mountains and bright stars at night.

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Hot tub and swimming pool

During the breaks you will have an opportunity to soak in the hot tub and enjoy the pool. The workshop is closing optional. You are at choice to bring a swimming suit or not. There is something very powerful happens in the process of removing shame from our bodies, to celebrate them in all forms and shapes and to let them be naked in a non sexual setting. Just like little children playing in the ground naked with such ease and fun.

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We will be serving delicious yummy foods, drinks and snacks throughout the workshop.

Friday - dinner.

Saturday - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sunday - breakfast, lunch and dinner to go.


The doors will be open at 5 pm PST for people to arrive and settle in. Upon arrival we will test everyone for Covid. We will have dinner at 6 pm and the workshop will start at 7 pm PST.

Every morning we will have breakfast at 8 am and workshop will be starting at 9 am. Lunch will be served at 1 pm. Every 2 hours we will have a 20 mins break with snacks and drinks.

Covid Protocol

We do not require vaccination. To make sure that everyone is safe from getting Covid we are going to do 2 rounds of testing. We will require participants to test at least 72 hours before the workshop. The second time we will test everyone before letting them into the workshop space. Upon arrival everyone will be asked to wear a mask and keep the distance until their test is done and negative. In case if a participant tested positive we will ask them to leave and will refund the money.

Masks won't be required during the workshop.


There are several options for you to choose from. You can set up a tent outside, or sleep in the workshop room on a futon or on a couch. We have several rooms available for people who need to sleep in a bed on health reasons.


Early Bird price is $440 (till end of 2022), Regular price is $490. We have scholarships available for those who may need it. Reach out to [email protected]

Facilitators: Sarah Sandhill, she/her and Lyuba Venable, she/her

Sarah has been a Facilitator for the Human Awareness Institute and Sex Educator with over 20 years of experience. She coaches individuals and couples, specializing in relationship and sexuality issues. Sarah’s down-to-earth, nurturing style creates a safe space for women to explore and celebrate their sexuality and womanhood.

Lyuba is a coach, trainer and public speaker in Northern California. Through her open and vulnerable speaking style, Lyuba leaves audiences inspired, open to honesty, and interested in new possibilities. Having learned from Master Mantak Chia, Charles Muir, Somatica and the Human Awareness Institute, Lyuba marries multiple disciplines together in her online workshops.

This is what participants have said about the workshop.

  • I went into the "All about pleasure for Women" weekend with hesitation in that I saw myself an older, heavier lesbian and felt quite self conscious about it. I wondered if there would be other queer folks or, would my queerness "other" me in this retreat? I discovered that it doesn't matter who or even how we love. The women identified in all sorts of ways. Our intersection is within the profound need to remember self love. A sisterhood of women-identified humans holding and supporting each other. We were reminded or perhaps, for the first time being taught how to love our own bodies, yoni's and desires. I cannot emphasize enough how beautifully facilitated this workshop was. I entered the weekend with trepidation about my sensual and sexual future and exited ecstatic, vulnerable and feeling sexier than I have in years. I highly recommend this workshop for women seeking to remember or awaken. – KL
  • The feeling of genuine connectedness and immediate comfort among the women was a direct influence of Sarah’s brilliant teaching and honest, real loving. She put everyone at ease and in joy just by letting herself shine. She smoothly and seamless transitioned and moved us through the weekend’s journey. She captured and enlivened everyone’s essence. Smashing!! - Michele N
  • I loved the workshop. Thank you for leading it with such sensitivity and humor! I feel as though a side of my life has opened up. It’s the same life, but there’s a forgotten window newly open with light streaming through. – CH
  • I surrendered sufficiently, that a couple more layers peeled off during this women’s workshop. I almost didn’t come. I would have certainly short-changed myself and the life I can now embrace with power! – JB
  • For me the women’s workshop was the most transformational experience that I have had in any workshop. I’ve come to a level of acceptance around my body and my sexuality (post breast cancer) that I could not have imagined possible! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sarah. - HO
  • What’s true for me after this wonderful workshop is that my connections with women deepened to a much greater level that, for the first time in my life, I felt truly at home and relaxed with my sisters. - RM
  • Sarah created a container in which I felt so very comfortable and safe and seen. She sculpted a womb for us to grow and birth ourselves. She genuinely cared for and honored all of us. She deeply believed in the intrinsic value of each of us. Her style was fun-loving, down-to-earth, real, and from the heart. She struck the balance between using the structure of the workshop as a guide, and going with the organic flow of the group. She also balanced well the role of facilitator and being transparent. As someone who facilitates groups, I felt very inspired. - AB

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Where is it happening?

Sarah's Home in Martinez, 5290 Alhambra Valley Rd, Martinez, United States

USD 440.00 to USD 490.00

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