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Sat Feb 10 2024 at 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm


Aerial Yoga Perth | Fremantle, WA

Unwind, stretch, and manifest your creative dreams with a blissful combination of aerial yoga and a soothing floating sound bath.
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Restorative Aerial Yoga & Floating Sound Bath for Creative Manifestation (Half day retreat)

Join us for a rejuvenating half day retreat at Aerial Yoga Perth. Immerse yourself in the blissful combination of restorative aerial yoga, floating sound bath, relaxation & meditation, and creative sharing circle. This transformative experience will guide you to connect with your inner self, ignite your creativity, and manifest your dreams under the magical glow of the moon. Experience the perfect blend of physical and mental relaxation as you surrender to the aerial hammock and let the soothing sounds wash over you.

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1. Community circle (5:00pm)

Begin your journey with a welcoming and grounding community circle. This is an opportunity to connect with your fellow participants, set intentions for the evening, and create a safe and supportive space for personal growth and exploration.

2. Restorative low hammock aerial yoga (5:15pm)

Delicately suspended in soft hammocks, you'll gently move through a series of restorative aerial yoga postures designed to release tension, improve flexibility, and promote deep relaxation. Supported by the hammock, you'll be able to move with ease and fluidity, allowing your body to release any accumulated stress or tension.

3. Floating sound bath (5:45pm)

Bathe in the resonant vibrations of Crystal singing bowls and other harmonic instruments, allowing the soothing sounds to wash over you, lull you into a state of profound relaxation, and activate your body's natural healing mechanisms. As you float in the soundscape, let go of stress and anxiety, and allow the sounds to guide you to a place of deep peace and tranquility.

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4. Relaxation and breath-work letting go of the unseeded and calling in (6:30pm)

Reconnect with your breath, the source of your life force, through guided breathwork exercises. In a calm and serene setting, you'll explore techniques to expand your lung capacity, deepen your breathing, and release any blockages or restrictions. This powerful practice will help you let go of limiting beliefs and open yourself up to receiving the abundance that is your birthright.

5. Free flow movement in the hammock to ignite flow (6:45pm)

Embark on a journey of joyful and ecstatic movement suspended in the hammock. Allow your body to move freely and intuitively, expressing its natural rhythm and vitality. As you move, connect with your inner child, embrace playfulness, and release any pent-up energy or emotions.


6. Creative journaling, drawing, writing (7:00pm)

Tap into your creativity through guided journaling and creation exercises. In a safe and supportive space, you'll explore your dreams, aspirations, and desires, using words, colors, and symbols to express your deepest intentions. This creative process will help you bring your dreams to life and visualize the reality you desire to create.

7. Share (7:45pm)

In a circle of like-minded individuals, share your creative expressions, dreams, and intentions. This powerful exchange will foster inspiration, connection, and mutual support, as you witness the collective power of creativity and manifestation.

8. Manifest and share (8:00pm)

Harness the transformative energy of the new moon to set intentions, release limiting beliefs, and welcome abundance into your life. Through guided visualizations and affirmations, you'll align your actions with your deepest desires and create the reality you truly desire.

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9. Nourishing grazing plate (8:30pm)

End your transformative evening with a nourishing and delicious grazing plate, providing your body with the nutrients it needs to continue integrating the healing and empowering experiences of the evening.

Limited Spaces Available Secure your spot today and embark on a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and manifestation under the enchanting light of the new moon.

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The last quarter moon is associated with several meanings and symbolism. It is often seen as a time of introspection, reflection, and letting go. The waning light of the moon is said to encourage us to release what no longer serves us and make space for new beginnings.

Here are some of the specific meanings associated with the last quarter moon:

Release and letting go: The last quarter moon is a time to let go of old habits, patterns, and beliefs that are no longer serving us. It is a time to cleanse and purify ourselves, both physically and emotionally.

Introspection and reflection: The waning light of the moon is said to encourage us to turn inward and reflect on our lives. It is a time to ask ourselves what is truly important to us and what we want to create in our lives.

Completion and endings: The last quarter moon is the final phase of the lunar cycle, and it is often seen as a time of completion and endings. It is a time to bring closure to projects, relationships, or chapters in our lives.

Preparation for new beginnings: The last quarter moon is also a time of preparation for new beginnings. As we let go of the old, we make space for the new to enter our lives.

Here are some ways to harness the energy of the last quarter moon:Do a cleansing ritual: Take a cleansing bath, smudge your space with sage, or do a journal exercise to release any pent-up emotions.

Set intentions for the new moon: Write down what you want to let go of and what you want to invite into your life during the new moon phase.

Spend time in nature: Go for a walk in the woods, sit by a lake, or simply take some time to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

Meditate or journal: Take some time for quiet reflection and introspection.

Remember, the last quarter moon is a time of transition and change.

It is a time to release what no longer serves us and make space for new beginnings.

By understanding the symbolism and meanings associated with this lunar phase, we can harness its energy to create positive change in our lives.

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Aerial Yoga Perth, 147 South Terrace, Fremantle, Australia

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