I LOVE DANCE... with DJ Abheeru + 2 LIVE musicians!!


Fri Jun 02 2023 at 09:00 pm


2114 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1N6, Canada | Vancouver, BC

With only 2 events left before our summer break, you are invited to come express and celebrate your passion and love affair for dance with DJ Abheeru and very special guests James Ren and Orlando Alvarez! They will take the DJ's music to the next level by jamming over it...
With this event titled I LOVE DANCE, we are offering those questions to explore why do YOU love dancing?
- How passionate are you about movement?
- How much freedom do you feel when you dance?
- Do you get a natural 'high' when your body moves to the music?
- What do you prefer: dancing alone and be introspective?
- Or connect with a friend, merge with a lover and be expressive?
- Do you dance like no one is watching?
- Or do you like when others are watching?
- What inspires you when you watch other dancers?
- Is dancing part of your spiritual practice or just plain fun?
- Do you go wild and crazy or enjoy the subtlety of movement?
- Or is it some or all of the above???
*** please share in the Discussion section ***
Whatever your answers are, come express and groove to uplifting and infectious dance tracks from all corners of the world with DJ Abheeru and guests musicians, percussionist James Ren and saxophonist Orlando Alvarez!
A few words about our special guests:
James has worked with renowned musicians and DJs all over Canada. He is always ready to make everyone dance with his fiery solos while also being known to offer groovy, happening rhythmic support (more in his BIO below).
Orlando Alvarez was born in Columbia and grew up in Québec. He has been playing the saxophone since he was 7 years old! As a world traveler, he has played with many renowned bands and DJs all around the globe! Get ready to dance and melt to his jazzy, gypsy, funk latin melodies and rhythms!
Get ready to boogie to a bunch of newly discovered beats, rhythms and melodies that will infused the dance floor with the vibrations of freedom, fun and expression…
7:30 - 8:30 pm :: Optional Active Meditation
9:00 :: DJ Abheeru with very special guest James Ren & Ben Kin
Cost: $20 cash at the door
Please Note...
As a twice a month event, many of our regulars do not RSVP on FB. As such, attendance is consistently much higher than what is reflected on the FB event page.
:: BIOS ::
…is the founder of Just Dance and a DJ known for taping into an extensive palette of genres and styles from far-reaching locations around the world. His main passion is to infuse and mix in a wide-range of musical organic elements and instruments from many diverse cultures and to blend those with delectable modern dance beats. The results are exquisitely creative dance tracks that will keep your dancing soul and shoes happy.
Proudly serving the community by creating over 600 community events that have welcomed over 55,000 dancers, Abheeru delights in offering gatherings that are open, safe and vibrant.
… has started his musical journey in Ottawa. He is a self-thought musician with 20 years of playing experience. He has developed his own and unique style mixing African, Latin and Arabic rhythms. James impresses with his diversified percussion collection (djembe, cajon, congas, darbuka, etc..) and thanks to his collaborations with many musicians around the globe, he can accompany many styles of music from Latin, funk, jazz, reggae, world music, folk, hip hop to techno and house music!
His many years of playing allowed him to perform in many ecstatic dances, private and public events, and festivals such as Glowfair, Kaleidoscope, GayaFest to name a few!
His name stems from the tribe of his ancestry situated along what is now the Baltic Coast of Poland. The tribe, now dispersed and displaced, lived peacefully isolated amidst sand dunes and swamps along the Baltic since before the dawn of the State of the Teutonic Order some 800 years ago. VJ Kashub brings powerful visual projections to induce a spiritual scene so as to reacquaint long lost souls of his ancestry onto our dance floor.
Just Dance is a positive party community event. It offers a unique opportunity to dance to an eclectic selection of music from around the world. Just Dance can be described as a refreshing alternative to the bar and club scene. It is a place where you are free to be yourself, connect with a vibrant community and dance the way you want!
Just Dance is also a non-profit organization and has donated thousands of dollars to local charities over the last 28 years. Check our website at www.justdance.ca

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2114 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1N6, Canada

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