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Sun Feb 12 2023 at 07:00 pm to Mon Feb 13 2023 at 07:00 pm


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Carrollwood Players Theatre announces open auditions and offstage production volunteer opportunities for
I am Jacques Dutronc
Written and Directed by Jim Russell
A CWP Black Box Musical
Presented by Debbi Wooten
Jacques Dutronc is to the French speaking world what Frank Sinatra is to the English. An iconic French superstar of the 60s and beyond, his music, style, and good looks made him a larger-than-life character adored by generations of fans.
In this musical fantasy/comedy based on his life and music, Dutronc becomes a time-traveling rock star when he must atone for his mistakes in order to get into heaven.
A colorful cast of characters, including God, who is a female, help him along his journey, with the dialogue of the play in English and the performances of Dutronc’s musical hits entirely in French.
I am Jacques Dutronc is a love letter to French music and culture, with a sci-fi twist and lots of comedy that audiences will love.
Presented with the support of the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners.
Sunday, February 12, 2023 at 7 pm
Monday, February 13, 2023 at 7 pm
Auditions will be at Carrollwood Players Theatre, 4333 Gunn Highway, Tampa, FL, 33618
April 14th – 22nd, 2023
Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. Sundays at 2 p.m.
Mon. April 10th - Thu. April 13th, 2023
Performers and some production volunteers MUST be available for all tech week rehearsals and all performances. There are no exceptions!
Please take care to complete this section in full. Casting and staffing decisions and rehearsal schedules are based in part on this information.
There will be approximately 20 rehearsals for this production, plus tech week and performances. The exact rehearsal schedule is to be determined, but rehearsals are usually 2 weekday nights per week, from approximately 7 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. There is the possibility of some Sunday evening rehearsals and some weekend daytime rehearsals.
The rehearsal schedule intensifies as opening night draws closer. Tech week rehearsals can run later into the evening.
No experience is necessary. All roles are open. This is a non-paid performing opportunity.
Headshots and resumes are encouraged but not required. You may send in advance to [email protected]
This is a full, memorized CWP Black Box Musical.
Production Volunteer Opportunities: Producer, Associate Producer, Stage Manager, Costumer, Light and Sound Operator, Set Dresser
Roles Available:
There are singing and non-singing roles in this production. Most dialogue is in English, however certain roles will require the performer to learn and perform songs in French. Several roles require an authentic French accent.
Lead Roles:
Present Day Jacques Dutronc - Male / 40-50 age range / Able to portray mid to late 40s / Baritone
Present Day Jacques is an iconic French music and film star in the twilight of his music career but in the prime of his blossoming acting career. He is a cool, cigar smoking, whisky drinking cat with a heart of gold, but a bit of a short fuse. He has a swagger and confidence about him until he is taken out of his element. He remains a fashion icon, is famous for his constant sunglasses, and likes to wear expensive suits or designer jeans and a leather jacket, depending on the occasion. Speaks English with a French accent.
This is a lead role with mostly dialogue in English, however, must learn and sing two songs in French in the show.
For vocal type for these songs, watch the following two YouTube videos:

Young Jacques Dutronc - Male / 20s age range / Able to portray early to late 20s / Baritone/Tenor
Young Jacques is an iconic French music and film star in the early days through the heydey of his music career. He is a handsome, cool, rocking, humorous but slightly awkward singer who stumbles into superstardom in the French speaking world. He is adored by fans for his musical talent, fashion icon status, and cutting edge lyrical social commentary.
This is a lead role mostly featured in vignettes/flashbacks where many of Dutronc’s hits are performed in French with a live band. He does have some dialogue in English with a French accent. Must be a strong vocalist with a star quality presence. Must be able to learn and perform multiple songs in French.
Ability to play guitar is a plus but not mandatory.
For vocal type/examples of these songs, watch the following YouTube videos:

Director Goldberg - Female or Male / 30s-50s age range
This is an English speaking, non-singing role. Director Goldberg is in charge of admissions for the English speaking section of Heaven. While written as a female, this role can be changed to a male or any gender identity. What matters most is that this character is an over-the-top, high energy, stressed out, seen-it-all, talkative, sometimes overbearing, sometimes insecure and sometimes too sure of herself/himself person. This role carries a lot of the comedy in the play and speaks with a Brooklyn accent.
Supporting Roles:
Thomas Dutronc - Male / 20s to mid-30s age range / Baritone
Thomas is the son of Jacques Dutronc and Francoise Hardy, and is a French music star in his own right, famous for his jazz-infused/pop crossover style, and for being the only Frenchman to rival his father’s fashion and sex appeal. Must be a strong, stylish vocalist with star appeal.
While not mandatory, ideally this performer would be a strong lead guitarist with jazz improvisation/solo skills. This role is considered a supporting role because Thomas performs two solo songs in French with minimal dialogue in English with a French accent. This role will likely double as one of Jacques Dutronc’s band members/backup singers and other roles, so additional background performances in French may be required.
For examples of this character’s vocal type/character style, watch the following videos: (special preference for a performer who could potentially play his own guitar accompaniment while singing the first song below, viens dans mon ile, though not mandatory.

Young Francoise Hardy - Female / 20s age range / Able to portray early to late 20s / Mezzo-Soprano
Young Francoise is an iconic French music superstar in the early days of her massive popularity. And she is the love of Jacques Dutronc’s life. Adored as a 60s and beyond fashion and music queen, she was known for her soft, introspective vocal style and staggering natural born beauty. Must be a strong, stylish vocalist with star appeal and a jaw dropping presence.
Mostly featured in vignettes/flashbacks where several of her hits are performed in French with a live band. She does have some dialogue in English with a French accent. Must be a strong vocalist with a star quality presence. Must be able to learn and perform multiple songs in French.
For examples of this character’s vocal type/character style, watch the following videos:

Receptionist - Female / 20s - 30s age range
The receptionist is a clunky, nerdy, but clever upstart who keeps the gears moving in the reception area of the English speaking section of Heaven. This role is written as female but could be male. She is a melting pot of characters like Carol Burnett’s Mrs. Wiggins, Allyce Beasley’s Agnes (Moonlighting) and other smart-alecky secretaries from the world of entertainment. Will double as a French groupie and for the brief appearances of Joan Baez and Gloria Gaynor.. Some singing. Any vocal range could work. Must have excellent comedic timing and style.
God - Female / 40s - 60s age range
God is that super cool aunt that everyone wishes they had, but she is also the real deal, seeing and knowing all. Having seen and known it all, she has a real laid back way of approaching things and presents a very calming and loving demeanor, unless another approach is called for. You get the feeling that she smoked a lot of W**d in the 60s, and is one with the universe. This is good. After all, she’s God. Will double for the brief appearance of Mama Cass, Patsy Cline, and Janis Joplin. Some singing. Any vocal range could work.
Directeur Clemenceau - Male / 40s - 50s age range
Directeur Clemenceau is the Director of the French speaking section of Heaven. He is a frenetic man in a dark suit and bowler hat, and likes to carry (and gesture with) a long black umbrella. He can move in an overly formal way, such as making hand flourishes and bowing to others when it isn’t necessary. He is kind, energetic, well spoken and truly desires to help souls have a satisfying crossover experience. He has a crush on Director Goldberg. Will double as Meatloaf, Ozzy Osbourne, Elton John and a member of One Direction for their brief appearances. Speaks with a thick (but understandable) French accent. Some singing. Any vocal range could work.
Featured Role:
Older Francoise Hardy - Female / 60s - 70s age range / Mezzo-Soprano
We meet older Francoise near the end of the play, shortly after her time on earth ends. She is still beautiful and elegant, and is joyful to reunite with Jacques in Heaven. She performs a duet with Jacques, in French, at the climax of the play.
This is the song they will perform:

Ensemble Roles:
4-6 ensemble members will double in multiple roles as follows:
(these may change/vary depending on who is cast)
Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Dutronc and Hardy back-up singers, One Direction members, George Harrison, Reporter, John Lennon, Sonny Bono, Mick Jagger, Man #2, Bob Dylan, Ed Sullivan, Man, Producer, Barry Manilow, Delgado, Stage Manager, Cher, Mrs. Loud, Karen Carpenter, French Groupie #2, Doctor
If you are interested in being in the band for this production, please contact the director, Jim Russell, via [email protected] for more information.
Lead Electric Guitarist
Rhythm Electric Guitarist
Bass Guitarist
All are welcome and encouraged to audition, regardless of prior experience, ethnicity, disability or identity.
Please prepare one minute of a song in the style of the show (1960s pop/rock).
The song does not have to be in French, but can be.
You MAY use a Dutronc or Hardy song.
Neither Jacques Dutronc nor Francoise Hardy were "pretty" vocalists. Their trademark was their stage presence and unique performance styles.
Please be prepared to show that you can own the stage in your song performance.
Please do your research. We are not looking for a generic audition song.
Convince us that you can BE Jacques Dutronc, Francoise Hardy, Thomas Dutronc, etc.
Please bring your own backing music on your device.
Auditions will also consist of cold readings from the script, which will be provided at the audition. There will not be a choreography session.
You MAY apply to audition AND apply for offstage opportunities (in the event you are not cast), though some offstage positions may be filled prior to the audition dates. If you apply to audition AND to volunteer offstage, we will assume your first preference is to perform.
To audition and/or express interest in a production volunteer opportunity, complete the online form at:
Questions may be directed to [email protected]

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