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Wed Sep 28 2022 at 06:30 pm to 07:45 pm


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75-Minute Workshop Targeted to Helping You Maintain A High, Productive Standard For Your Growing Company Team and Be an Effective Leader
About this Event

How To Reduce Your Staff’s Nonsense And Be A Leader Your Staff Wants To Stick With…

Without compromising on productivity, fighting burnout, sleep deprivation, or unruly employees.

75-Minute Workshop Targeted to Helping You Maintain A High, Productive Standard For Your Growing Company Team and Be an Effective Leader (Without headaches)

In this 75-minute no BS workshop, you will be guided by business consultant, speaker, and professor at Portland State University’s School of Business Vanessa Zamy. She will guide you on how to grow an effective, culture-led team to aid your business growth through mastering delegation, outsourcing, and unrivaled productivity.

“Being A Business Leader, CEO, or Manager is Easy…”

Said no one ever!

Who Should Attend:

  • Six-figure Business Owners overwhelmed with their next steps and business goals
  • Storefronts, Salons, Shops, and Studio owners tired of working tireless hours in the shop despite having six-figures in business
  • Entrepreneurs looking to get more quality hires and more effective relationships
  • CEOs looking to reduce employee turnover costs and optimize their team
  • Long-time (10+ years) business owners looking for the freedom to travel abroad and still have their business operate

These 75 minutes Will Change the Way You Lead Your Staff By Sharing the 3 Most Important Pillars of Successful Leadership

1. Leadership leverage

Don’t be afraid. This is not some fluff about how to be a charming leader overnight.

Instead, this section is about managing your employees to gain their trust, build rapport with them, and extract more productivity from them.

2. Correct hiring

Not everyone shares your vision and is ready to support your goals.

This is where you get to uncap your productivity as you hire the right people that share your workload without you needing to sacrifice your sanity.

3. Well-respected leader

Let’s face it. Respect is everything. But you can’t charm your staff somehow, right?

This is where you get a foolproof strategy to be a well-respected leader where your staff wants to follow you by heart.




Event Photos
Event Photos

“Being A Business Leader, CEO, or Manager is Easy…”

Said no one ever!

Ask everyone around you if they feel leading a team is easy?

You will be surprised to know that all of them share the same feelings as you.

And the point where you’re at now demands work…

❌You're a frustrated, overwhelmed, struggling, a discouraged leader who dreams of having a team that values growing the business together

❌And that’s leading you to work crazy hours, distraught your focus, miss time with your friends and family, and put your personal well-being behind just because a few unruly employees don’t want to cooperate

❌You still have to figure out how to get more productivity out of your employees without micromanaging them at every second

❌Chances are you've also struggled with the idea that your employees will never work properly without you needing to be present

If any of that feels like you, then you’re at the right place…

And she helped other people become better business leaders by following her foolproof strategy.

This Can Be You Once You Join the Leadership Workshop!

These 75 minutes Will Change the Way You Lead Your Staff By Sharing the 3 Most Important Pillars of Successful Leadership

And in this workshop, Vanessa Zamy will guide you on how you too can experience true freedom as a business leader to reduce uncertainty, frustration, and discouragement from your staff…

…While doing what you love, live the life of a successful business leader, and avoid working 60 hours a week or neglecting your life, or battling with your employees at all times…

How? By helping you understand and adopt the three pillars of effective leadership…






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And that's not all...We’re going to talk about several other aspects including:

• The high turnover companies are facing - especially in the retail and restaurant industries where people never take their jobs seriously.

• How to deal with staff asking questions, challenging authority, questioning every process instead of simply doing what they're told, and having a non-cooperative attitude at all times

• Employee nonsense. Don't show up for shifts, last-minute cancellations, or short turnarounds that make your head spin and blood boil.

• How to delegate effectively so you don’t end up burning out over and over again.

• And a lot more…


And who is she? Leveraging her direct demeanor, genius strategic mind, and holistic five-phase approach, Vanessa Zamy, The Business Defibrillator, works with busy, ambitious business owners to multiply their revenue by revitalizing the business’ finances, operations, and marketing.

After working with Vanessa, her clients are more strategically efficient, effortlessly productive, and increasingly profitable in their business and life. Her background includes a Management Science and Engineering Degree from Stanford University, and strategic leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies.


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You CAN have enough time to do everything you want to do,

Growing your team of reliable and consistent employees and staff does NOT have to feel like a lost cause.

Let's increase your sales next year!

Let's get you more of the right employees!

Let's leverage your leadership to increase staff retention!

Lori’s Sales Increased By 50% After Vanessa’s Help

Laura was earning $125,000… but was FAR away from financial freedom.

She was facing constant episodes of stress, anxiety, and frustration because she couldn’t deal with her staff.

But once she came to Vanessa for help… And then her sales shot up by 50%!

Now, Lori enjoys the time with her family while her staff manages everything back at the business.

And Beth, Who’s Now Traveling Across Portugal While Her Team Takes Care of Her Business

Beth owns a Wine Bar of 12 years. After having Vanessa onboard, her sales increased by 13% in the first month.

And today, she has a consistent and reliable team in place to manage her 12 year bar in California while she is in another part of the world.


Your ticket includes:

✓ A live ZOOM workshop where you will be able to ask questions specific to your situation

✓ Copy of the video recording of the event to be sent to you within 24 hours after the event

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