How to Create & Use a Natural Medicine Chest


Fri Nov 26 2021 at 08:00 pm to 09:00 pm


Virtual on Zoom | Philadelphia, PA

How to Create & Use a Natural Medicine Chest
Say No to Big Pharma - 5 Easy ways to use natural medicinals EFFECTIVELY.
CREATE your own Medicine Cabinet without lots of TIME or MONEY
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A great alternative to Black Friday - create gifts you can give for the holidays that aren’t material objects but healing. Focus on healthy activities that will strengthen both health and bonds with friends and family. Create an epic Natural Medicine Chest and challenge family or friends to do the same, you will be able to

SAFELY choose the RIGHT HERB for your particular pain or issue

CREATE your own herbal medicine cabinet

What conditions are helped by a natural medicine chest

SYSTEMATIC approach natural herbal healing

Prepare to successfully TREAT ILLNESS at home even better than our ancestors did.

Use nutrition and natural therapies to heal not big pharma.

A quick and easy interactive workshop about how to use them, and how to take care of yourself with natural, healthy, toxin-free options. We will learn how nature can be used for things including emotional health, stress, sleep, digestive support, pain, immune support, weight management, and creating a toxin-free lifestyle. We can have conscious engagement with plants, with which we’ve co-evolved since the dawn of our species, support healing in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms and help mend ourselves.

A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that advanced human capacities are built into you at a cellular level. Our bodies themselves are communities. We are part of the biosphere and we are healthy when we are connected to healing plants and trees. Learn to master the simple, science-based techniques that will allow you to access those innate capacities.

Cindy empowers people to take control of their health and reverse disease through a radical transformation of diet and lifestyle. Enjoy expert advice on how to use herbs safely and confidently.

Early in life, Cindy started to self-heal from her constant pain using natural and herbal medicine with her great aunt who had been growing plants and creating a huge medicine chest for decades. Aunt Boja’s reference books, mason jars tincture bottles made it easy to create herbal tinctures/salves/balms/teas. They collected one herb at a time to process, whichever plant or herb Aunt Boja was focusing on Cindy tried that month. She learned all about it. As years went by Cindy’s home-created healing arsenal built up acquiring more until eventually, she had a home-apothecary-filled notebook.

Over the years, Cindy had people ask her where to start when they want to cultivate their own home medical chest for their everyday health needs. That is why this beginning workshop evolved.

It’s fun to create a healing area in your home with your remedies and herbs and spices and teas and tinctures to play with and actually use for good old-fashioned preventative and acute care.

Herbal medicine is both amazingly simple and complex. Starting your own herbal collection at home is not done at once it’s a process. A process depending on what you and your family’s needs are. Cindy breaks down what herbs to invest in by category and action, and then starts trying them out yourself to see which are the most effective for you.

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