How to Build Superhero Confidence by Discovering Your Two Core Values (LV)


Wed Sep 15 2021 at 11:00 am to 12:30 pm


Las Vegas | Las Vegas, NV

How to Build Superhero Confidence by Discovering Your Two Core Values (LV)
In a Relentless World of winner take all, You need Unshakeable Confidence to survive. Get Clarity on what matters and start fighting back.
About this Event

Why attend this Masterclass?

  1. You will walk away from this class knowing your Two Core Values to which all your other values stem from.
  2. You will have the Confidence to walk as your true self, the Superhero you are, ready to take action and begin to change your life and the lives of those around you.
  3. Jake is going to share his morning routine that gives him unshakeable confidence for the entire day

Confidence and Clarity are the keys to success in your next adventure. Have you ever tried to attempt something new, but were lacking confidence in yourself? What was the outcome?

Don’t go another day lacking the confidence you so much desire.

Sound Familiar?

  • Self-doubting or self-shaming yourself
  • Feelings of unworthiness
  • Paralyzed by Fear
  • Letting others control your decisions

In my world of Superheroes, having confidence and clarity in everything you do is key to making sure your decisions are going to help the right people and not cause pain and destruction for others.

What? Did I say Superheroes? Yes I did. The world is big and it would be lost without Superheroes making confident decisions and changing lives around them including their own.

Are you a Superhero?

Superheroes go into the battle of life every day, ready and capable to create lasting change as they confidently face the World.

You have the potential to have Superhero Confidence.

Who is this class for?

  • Individuals wanting more confidence in life
  • Leaders wanting more confidence for their teams and organization

Course Overview:

Superheroes are the inspiration behind this class. We can learn so much about confidence and clarity by taking the path to becoming a real life superhero.

Understanding the overwhelming problem in the world today of not having enough Superheroes, the class will investigate and put into practice two strategies that will create unwavering self-worth and unshakeable confidence. Anyone with a desire to serve better, take more action, live your values, or change the world around you will benefit by attending this class.

Confidence and Clarity are the keys to every door of possibility.

Come and find the key to YOUR door.

What would Unshakeable Confidence do for you?

  • Happier Relationships
  • Increased Influence
  • More Love
  • More Money
  • More Success
  • More Self - Respect
  • More Respect From Others
  • More Fun

The list doesn’t end there. Confidence is what makes your world go round.

Is it worth your time?

In this Masterclass, the focus is on getting you Superhero Confidence and Clarity on what matters most.

  • Know your Worth
  • Discover your Core Values
  • Develop Superhero Confidence

Taken from the inspiration of the Four Pillars of Becoming a Superhero. This class will take you on a journey through Pillar One, Personal-Self.

Don’t miss out on increasing your Confidence Level to Hero Status.

Where is it happening?
Las Vegas, United States

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Host or PublisherJake Newman
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