Honoring and Clearing the Mother Path ~ The Song of Love


Sun Mar 24 2024 at 10:00 am to 04:00 pm


The Berkeley Alembic | Berkeley, CA

Through guided meditations & teachings we will unpack some of the root imprints in our lives that are connected with our mothering issues.
About this Event

Come unpack and reconnect some of the root imprints in our lifetimes and those of our ancestors that are connected with our current mothering issues. Heal parts of ourselves that need our care. In doing so, clear our own, our children’s and our ancestors’ birth and parenting fields...the Mother Path cleared is the song of love.

The Mother Path is in the center of the mandala of  life. 

It stretches back in time and out into the future. It is the foundation for our relationships with self-care, our mothers, our desires for or for not experiencing pregnancies, births and parenting.

It sets the stage for our fertility, our adoptions, our abortions, our miscarriages. It was and is present in our ancestors’ pregnancies, births, postpartum, and newborn imprints. It radiates through our Mother Earth and beyond.

Come reconnect what has been disconnected on The Mother Path.  In a culture that does not support or honor this path, we can. As a result we prevent trauma and we cultivate love and wonder.

By focusing on the Mother Path and it’s spiritual dimensions, this daylong retreat is designed to offer a place of rest, honoring, and clearing within the embrace of our community practice. 

HONORING: By taking time to care for ourselves and witnessing the gifts we are offering, we will nourish our connection to ourselves first.  We will strengthen our connection with our spiritual refuges and our own strengths and learn ways of nurturing ourselves somatically. 

CLEARING: Through guided meditations and teachings, we will have an opportunity to unpack some of the root imprints in our lifetimes and/or those of our ancestors that are connected with our current mothering/parenting issues. Through ceremony we will have the opportunity to heal the parts of ourselves that need care, thus clearing our own, our children’s, and our ancestors’ wounds.

RESTING: We will call in grace and ease to our birth and mother/parent path relationships while celebrating our capacity for nourishing precious human life. We will deepen our ability to rest in our meditative practice, bodies, and Mother Earth. 

You will be supported, and this one-day retreat will allow us to return to our lives renewed.

In this daylong retreat you will have the opportunity to:

  • ​Take refuge in the support of many loving-wisdom beings through a guided meditation.
  • Connect with your strengths through somatic practice.
  • Celebrate  the gifts you have offered our world through memory and small group exercises
  • Increase compassion for yourself, your family, and your ancestors by reflecting on your connections with your issues and experiences through a teaching and worksheet on these connections and sharing your observations.
  • Increase compassion for yourself, your family, and your ancestors by noticing the connections between your experience and their experiences on the mother path through meditation, worksheets and dyads.
  • Experience a ceremonial guided meditation which will support the healing of our paths of birth and motherhood, such as fertility issues; difficult labor and/or childbirth; relationships with your own parents; maternal longing; abortions and miscarriages…
  • Develop a supportive, nurturing, and generative community through sharing with each other with kindness.

Who Should Attend? All are welcome! Those who identify as parents, grandparents, people struggling with issues of motherhood, becoming a mother, or with their own mothers. This program is open to all genders.

More about this Retreat: 

The issues you currently have on this path stem from where you are with the spiritual psychological developmental tasks of this path.

These tasks are unique for each person and can be recognized and attended to when a person feels safe, relaxed and supported. Though the challenges and gifts of these developmental tasks are unique to each person they are the same tasks:

Honoring and attending to your experiences of:

  •  Conception, growing prenatally, being birthed and being a newborn
  •  Expressing your lifetime inner gifts and healing your lifetime traumas,
  •  Sex, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and being a woman
  •  Being a parent 
  •  Your relationship with your ancestors including the earth and elements
  •  Your relationship with spirit. 

To the degree a person feels peace with their experiences listed above, they have honored and accomplished that spiritual/psychological developmental task.

To the degree they don’t feel peace with the above list delineates the work calling them to their own wholeness and to the healing of their core imprints

Addressing these issues is not a linear process, it is a spiral. At different stages and initiation times in your life these issues will knock on your door. Your current issues in your life will reflect the needs that need attention in this moment. This retreat gives you a way to identify the issues that need inner care and practices at this time and address them while feeling safe and supported.

, She/Her, Partner, Mother, RN, MFT is an EMDR certified perinatal psychotherapist. She is the founder and developer of the Birth Spirituality and Healing Network, the Contra Costa County Perinatal Depression to Wellness Network and two local HMO Perinatal Integrative Health Programs. She co- founded the East Bay/ SF Peer Perinatal Professional Ceremony Circle and the SF Bay Tara Mandala Satellite sangha. She has been training in cross cultural Shamanic, Buddhist, Cherokee peacekeeping, Healing Trauma practices and Perinatal Psychology since she was born. She teaches Perinatal Professional Development Courses such as the Perinatal Ceremony Facilitator Training and Healing Birth Trauma with Bilateral Stimulation which prepare people to enter the birth field from the potency of their wholeness, open to wonder, confident to address trauma. She offers Retreats and meditation circles for various Dharma centers and Perinatal Staff groups.

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The Berkeley Alembic, 2820 Seventh Street, Berkeley, United States

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