Hands On Smartphone Filmmaking


Sat Feb 11 2023 at 10:00 am to 05:00 pm


Raindance Film Training Centre | London, EN

Learn to use the film studio in your pocket with hands on exercises to make a film ay professional would be proud of
About this Event
  • Learn to use the film studio in your pocket
  • Discover the power of Filmic Pro
  • Learn the tips and tricks professionals use
  • Professional editing explained
  • Hands-on exercises
About Hands-On Smartphone Filmmaking

Hands-on Smartphone Filmmaking explores the film studio in your pocket. Do you need an expensive camera to be a filmmaker? No, all you need is creativity and something that records. Every year more and more filmmakers shoot their projects using smartphones and some have even gone on to win awards.

All the possibilities are at your fingertips, literally. Whether you want to launch your career as a filmmaker, learn to film your own videos or simply want to develop your filmmaking skills and knowledge, then the Smartphone Filmmaking course is for you.

And all youy need is a smartphone, your creativity and desire of how to maximise your filmmaking on a smartphone!

Ensuring you benefit from practical experience, this course will lead you through the basics of how to shoot with a smartphone through instructor-led demonstrations and exercises that will teach you the tips and tricks to get great shots, how to overcome the limitations of smartphones and how to increase the production value of your videos.

As part of this 1-day workshop, you will create a short film in small groups, shot on your mobile phone, which will be screened at the end of the workshop for analysis and feedback.

Workshop Objectives

Upon completion of the workshop, you will have acquired the skills, knowledge, confidence and practical experience you need to produce effective and engaging short videos with your smartphone.

What you will learn:
  • The workshop will cover the following topics:
  • Basics of shot composition and basic film grammar
  • Camera settings & functions
  • Lighting: natural and artificial lighting
  • How to shoot high quality cinematic videos
  • Mobile filmmaking tech and app overviews: Filmic Pro
  • Audio recording: In-built mic and external mics
  • Accessories: tripods, monopods
  • Editing options on your phone, exporting footage

Who should attend?

Aspiring filmmakers, youtubers, corporate video producers, social media creators looking to gain an understanding of smartphone filmmaking.

No previous knowledge is required, our course is designed for beginners and those with a little experience. All you need is your smartphone, so don’t forget to bring it along.

About your Instructor

Ufuk Gokkaya is an independent filmmaker, editor and lecturer at Raindance Film School. He has over 15 years of editing experience, creating both short and feature films, commercials, events and music videos. Ufuk also has over 5 years of teaching experience having worked with a number of film schools in the UK and abroad. Visit his website for more info:

What they're saying:

"One of my favourite classes — the future of filmmaking! Ufuk opened the class with an overview of films made entirely or partially with phones, then provided dozens of examples of the key elements of the “cinematic look”–and how to achieve them with our phones. He covered an incredible amount of material in just a few hours, then charged us with a couple of fun and challenging assignments that brought it all together. Now I’m never without opportunities to practice filmmaking. Highly recommend."

- Tina Cachules

"Inspiring, practical and informative. You will learn about cinematography as well as smartphones and their accessories and have a wonderful, creative day!"

- Maria Heath

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Where is it happening?

Raindance Film Training Centre, 10a Craven Street, London, United Kingdom

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