Hakomi open multilevel training "The power of dreaming"


Fri Feb 11 2022 at 10:00 am to Sun Feb 13 2022 at 06:00 pm


PESA | Tallinn, HA

Hakomi open multilevel training "The power of dreaming"

The unique Hakomi Way - Self discovery through precise experiments in Mindfulness.
Theme for session: Exploring the power of dreaming.
ATTENTION: Anyone interested is welcome to join. You don't have to worry about not having participated in previous sessions.
In a Hakomi multilevel training we learn and practice the art of heartfelt relating by creating a safe and healing connection with others. We deepen our ability to be radically present with each other and to pay attention to the nonverbal communication that happens in every moment, mostly outside of our awareness. We will improve our skills to read these nonverbal signs and to create meaningful experiments based on our observations. Hakomi experiments are designed to invite into awareness the unconscious inner organization of experience that causes us unnecessary suffering. It will help us to find out what we need to feel happier and ultimately to gain the freedom of choice through consciousness.
In this session we will deepen our Hakomi practice exploring the theme of dreaming.
Hakomi is a method of Somatic Psychotherapy and Mindfulness-Based Assisted Self-Discovery, developed by American psychotherapist Ron Kurtz in the 1970s. It is deeply rooted in buddhist and taoist principles in combination with modern neuroscience. Based on a trust that every individual has inner wisdom and the power for self-healing, Hakomi uses mindfulness, non-violence and the body to facilitate personal growth and transformation.
Bettina Deuster (Germany) teaches Hakomi internationally and is the main trainer in Estonia.
A series of workshops which take place several times a year are part of an open training to become an Hakomi practitioner. At least 45 training days are needed before starting the certification process. You may have this goal in mind or join for self-exploration without striving to become practioner.
You can expect teaching to be primarily experiential. There will be short lectures, discussions, and demonstrations, but mostly, the group will do exercises designed to convey the ideas being presented in practical, experiential ways. These exercises sometimes bring up emotions. In those situations, the trainer and the assistants know how to guide and support the process.
Sessions are held in English.
Early bird until 15th of January:
3 days 300 €/later 330€
2 days* 200 €/later 220€
1 day* 110 €/later 130€
*If you are new to Hakomi and can only come for one or two days, you need to come the first day of workshop (or the two first days). Please contact in case you really want to join but cannot from the first day.
Registration: https://bit.ly/2ZxqlxH
Further information: [email protected], +372 55548178

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PESA, Pärnu mnt.102, korpus B, 1. korrus, Tallinn, Estonia

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