Guiding STARS: A Deep Intimate Dive with Safer Sex Conversations


Fri Oct 06 2023 at 06:00 pm to Sun Oct 08 2023 at 06:30 pm


Ashley Vale Action Group - Wildgoose Space | Bristol, EN

A weekend deep dive into our own sexuality and desires and how to communicate them authentically and effectively using the STARS framework
About this Event

❤️Deep breath to your heart.❤️

This is your emotional center. Feel your heart and hold it with a breath of compassion.

What are your intentions for relationships and connections with others?

?Deep breath to your belly.?

This is your power center. Feel your strength and hold it with a breath of trust.

What do you need to feel safe in relationship?

?Deep breath to your genitals.?

This is your life force energy. Feel your creative center and hold it with a breath of magic.

What turns you on?

?Deep breath to your feet.?

This is your center of grounding. Feel your stability and hold it with a breath of life itself.

What are your practical needs around sexual health? What do you need to integrate the experience of connection?

We will spend a whole weekend exploring these questions using our bodies as our guide and the STARS Talk©, a framework developed by Dr. Evalene Molina Dacker for having meaningful, consent-based discussions to build healthy relationships. We will go through each of the 5 essential elements of STARS in depth:

S: Sexual Health + STI Status

T: Turn-Ons

A: Avoids

R: Relationship Intentions + Expectations

S: Safety + Safer Sex Etiquette

More than just something to get out of the way before a sexy encounter, we will explore how this framework can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our sexuality, and the pleasure and intimacy that comes through sharing that with another person.

Alongside the framework, the weekend also offers:

  • Sex-positive, trans and nonbinary inclusive, STI information from a medical doctor based on anatomy and behaviors, NOT on gender or sexual orientation.
  • Embodiment and Wheel of Consent practices
  • Transformative communication practices based on reflective listening and non-violent communication
  • A sensation play party to enjoy the pleasure that your newly learned sexual communication skills can create

We intend for you to leave this workshop feeling empowered to express the full range of your sexuality in the world in the ways you choose to and to have more access to your aliveness as a result.

Friday 6 October from 18:00-20:30 at Gasworks Studio

Saturday 7 October from 10:00-18:30 at WildGoose Space

Sunday 8 October from 12:30-18:30 at WildGoose Space

This is a non-residential event.

Facilitated by Dr. Evalene Molina Dacker, Emily Martin, and Scott McGregor

When the creator of the STARS Talk©, Dr. Evalene Molina Dacker (@SexMedDoc on Instagram and Tiktok) birthed the concept of STARS, it was for her. It was for her patients, and for her kids.

She first heard a similar concept from Allison Moon and Reid Mihalko, who called it the “safer sex elevator speech”: the concept of being able to briefly express your sexual desires, needs, and boundaries, namely around safer sex and STI disclosure, quick enough for it to happen on an elevator ride. Evalene found it fascinating because it was something she had never considered as an option up until that point.

Since that time, Evalene has delved into understanding and learning more about sexuality, relationships, communication and consent.

She’s taken elements from the safer sex elevator speech, mixed it with a good dose of Tantra-based intention setting, kink-based conversations surrounding understanding limits and acknowledging risks, and combined them all into a simple acronym that builds the framework that helps one to have meaningful and intimate, consent-based discussions that are vital for healthy sex, intimacy, and relationships.

The STARS Talk© is not simply just for Evalene, her patients, and her children any longer. It is really for all people who feel called to engage in this type of connection. It is available for you, for your children, for your friends and partners, and for anyone who wants to embody their desires, needs, and boundaries and create a beautiful container of love.

Emily Martin comes alive when she is facilitating people in their expansion of what is possible in life. She brings years of experience with all kinds of modalities to her facilitation. She has studied with Betty Martin and the School of Consent, assisted with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), has been initiated with WildGrace, is a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, and has many more experiences of different modalities all with the intention of learning to be more fully here in this body. As a collective empath, she absolutely loves the magic of working with groups, getting to feel and witness what is possible when humans show up in their authenticity and curiosity together. She offers this work from her deep desire to invite others to be more fully here in their bodies and travels the world promoting touch, pleasure and embodiment.

Scott blends his 13 years as a monk with tantra, Non-Violent Communication, and The Work of Byron Katie in his unique voice that is tradition and freedom at the same time.

Where is it happening?

Ashley Vale Action Group - Wildgoose Space, 228 Mina Road, Bristol, United Kingdom

GBP 249.00 to GBP 349.00

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