Groove House Session: FREE TICKET (€10 deposit)


Sun Apr 02 2023 at 07:00 pm to 11:30 pm


The Groove House (30 mins from Lisbon) | Lisbon, LI

A series of unique experiences that connect jamming musicians, performers, and music lovers - surrounded by beautiful views of nature
About this Event

(these are free tickets for musicians and volunteers. Click to book your spot as audience)

We're really delighted to offer you a FREE ticket to the next Groove House Session. Our series of non-profit events brings together performers, jamming musicians, and music lovers in a unique musical experience. The Groove House serves as a sanctuary for spreading joy and inspiration through music and community, surrounded by stunning natural views just 40 minutes away from Lisbon. We can't wait for you to join us :)

__________WHAT DO I GET?__________

  • 3 live gigs (solo, raw, unplugged): enjoy the soulful expression of three distinct individual performers, each sharing their unique voice and instrument through a captivating, 15-minute set
  • experience an improvised jam with pro/semi-pro musicians through an impressive studio-quality audio setup
  • communal dinner: lovingly prepared for everyone to eat together around a big table
  • weather-permitting, we'll share complimentary welcome drinks at the Sunset Cove, a beautiful spot on the land that overlooks an inspiring view of a natural valley
  • if you're volunteering, you get one or two nights free stay at the Groove House, with meals provided. Volunteering is for people who aren't coming as a musician (there's things to do while the musicians are jamming)

__________IS IT REALLY FREE?__________

Yep! You book your spot for €10, but you'll get a FULL refund online a day after the event, if you show up of course :) ALL of the money that is generated from audience ticket sales goes directly to the performing artists, the cleaning fees, and the ingredients for dinner.

__________WHAT ARE THE CONDITIONS?__________


  • you're happy to be present (in the room) for the whole jam section. Letting audience members take your spot might be great for our "open jam" nights, but it makes it really special for the rest of the audience when the jams are specifically curated with a certain standard of playing (below)
  • you've jammed for 10 years or more
  • you consider yourself a good listener, and are happy to give other instruments plenty of space
  • you can effortlessly pick up a basic progression by ear and/or keep a solid groove


  • you're happy to help out for 5 hours on the day, in exchange for: a free ticket to the event, 4 meals, and a free night's stay at the Groove House (evening before the jam). If you can help out with cleaning for 1 hour on the morning after the event, you're welcome to stay on the night of the jam too
  • the 5 hours are spread out through the day, and you're happy to carry with you a scheduled checklist to know when each task is expected
  • you're happy to follow a very specific set of instructions that are clearly mentioned in an operations manual
  • you're coming not as a musician (there's things to do while the jam is happening)


Absolutely! Though this is a non-profit event: in order to be able to pay the performing artists, cleaners and food and not lose money - we kindly ask that they book an audience ticket through meetup event page. If they'd like to play at one of the jams as a musician, 's where they can sign up for free.

__________WHAT KIND OF JAM IS IT?__________

In contrast to the rawness of the performances, we finish with a studio-quality jam session by pro and semi-pro musicians, using state of the art equipment to get the best possible sound. These invites are sent to a database of experienced musicians, and they book quickly before the 10 available slots are taken up. As players always meet for the first time here, it’s always a pleasure to see them speak the same universal language. Typical styles are indie, reggae, funk, jazz fusion, and experimental. Instead of performing particular songs, we encourage a collective flow state conducive with creativity. We focus more on how notes are played than what notes are played. We love simple chord progressions, playing every note with absolute intention and exploring new musical ideas with a non-judgemental attitude. By remembering to fully listen to each other we lock into the flow. Then we can see where the journey takes us.

__________WHAT'S THE SCHEDULE?__________

  • 18h - 19h: arrival
  • 19h - 20h: gigs
  • 20h - 21h: dinner
  • 21h - 23h: jam

__________HOW DO I GET THERE?__________

  • CARPOOL: as part of the booking process, we ask any willing drivers to leave their phone numbers. A few days before the event, we’ll email you the contacts of those who offered to give people a lift - making it super easy to get here
  • DRIVING: you can find 'the Groove House' on Google Maps, or by clicking . VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: there's a strong chance that Google Maps tries to take you on an impossible dirt road with stones 3 minutes before arriving. Remember to always stay on proper/concrete roads and the app will then re-direct you.
  • UBER: costs just over €20 from Lisbon ('the Groove House' is registered on the app)

__________WHAT SHALL I BRING?__________

  • WARM CLOTHES & WIND JACKET: there can sometimes be a cold northerly wind here
  • DRINKS - feel free to bring your own (we have a drinks fridge). Please don't bring drinks into the main music room as it's too risky with the carpet :)
  • PLUG-IN/CLIP-ON TUNER for musicians. Amazing if you could tune up just before coming

Really looking forward to hopefully meeting you. Any questions, feel free to send me a message: [email protected] :)



  • Fink (1M monthly listeners on Spotify): "The Groove House is such an inspiring, relaxed place. We were looking for somewhere chilled, in beautiful country surroundings, to reconnect and focus on new songs without the distractions of city life...I’d recommend it to anyone – we’ll be back!"

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Where is it happening?

The Groove House (30 mins from Lisbon), Details given when you book, Lisbon, Portugal

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The Groove House

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