Full Pink Moon Gong Bathe


Wed Apr 05 2023 at 07:30 pm to 08:30 pm


Buddha Bella Healing Center | Phoenix, AZ

Full PINK Moon Gong Bathe
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Join us at Buddha Bella Healing Center for this Full Worm Moon Gong bathe!

Wednesday 5 April

7:30 -8:30pm

33$ energy exchange

@Buddha Bella Healing Center - 7575 N 16th Street, ste 33, Phoenix Arizona 85020


Here we are, back full circle, with the first full moon of the astrological year & Spring-- sun in Aries & full moon in Libra. Just think relationships with this moon...really letting go and forgiving anyone from the past (or present) who may seem to have hurt you. We can forgive but not forget--- Forgiving the emotional pain while not fogetting the lesson. Allow yourself to let go and be free!


Join Magick Mom for one of her exquisite & super powered gong bathe sessions. She spells is BATH(E) with the E becasue her gong bath's are full on GONG -- deeply penetrating every cell of the body and space!

Anzela, has embodied profound healing with a rapid transformation and rebirth in 2019. She was called to this work in 2020 at the peak of her transformation... "fresh out the gate" & into the spiritual realm of guiding YOU through the density of mind programs & trauma, and OUT into the power of Light, infinite bliss & divine abundance !

about the Gong

The SONIC sounds of the gong permeates the body on such a deep cellular level that it works to heal & transform the physical, spiritual and emotional self…all awhile harmonizing the vibrational frequencies in the body — balancing the sympathetic, parasympathetic and autonomic nervous systems.

The gong is a portal assisting the listener to detach from the content of the mind, which frees from habitual patterns. It is the most pure sound that man could create, out of which comes all music, all sounds and all words.

The gong is not a musical instrument; the gong is God!

The gong is the first and last instrument of the human mind & is the only thing that can supersede it

Meditating on the primal sound of the gong, You will see the unseen hear the unheard and feel the unfeelable

On the most basic level the gong has a balancing effect on the energy channels of our body, the Nadis which are connected to our sympathetic, parasympathetic and autonomic nervous system.


We are multi dimensional and multi vibrational beings who came here to heal our ancestral lines and reconnect with our fifth dimensional light bodies. Our bodies hold all the light and wisdom codes we have earned in the course of our souls' journey. Allow yourself to receive the activation codes!

When we show up for ourselves we show up for the world!

Your journey begins NOW !

We go DEEP!

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Buddha Bella Healing Center, 7575 North 16th Street, Phoenix, United States

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USD 33.00

Anzela T.

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