Founders' Retreat 2024 Goa


Fri Feb 09 2024 at 10:00 am to Sun Feb 11 2024 at 04:00 pm


HUEGUH The Porto Candolim | Panaji, GA

Founders'Retreat Goa 2024 - A unique mix of a business startup growth program and a  relaxing retreat for Founders Business Owners Startups Investors Service  Professionals & other Ecosystem collaborators.

What will I be doing and learning during this program?

Working on a case-by-case basis  our goal is to plan taking into account YOU & YOUR Business. In addition  to this and to ensure that this program is also a real retreat workshops  and leisure activities will be available at your disposal.

???????? ??????? ??????  There will be structured networking opportunities growth workshops focus  groups and peer-to-peer learning amongst Startup founders Business Owners  Entrepreneurs & professional firms like CA Firms Lawyers Firms Digital  Marketing Agencies Content Creators. We are trying to bring out relaxation  and artistic expression for the founders. benefits of business programme -  personal & professional growth mindset.At the picturesque site of Goa the  event will be held from February 9 - 11 2024 (6 growth sessions & 4  leisure sessions). Goa's breathtaking beaches and lively culture make it the  ideal setting for an immersive encounter. You'll have the chance to network with like-minded professionals as you immerse yourself in the workshops  including Business owners Founders Investors & other enthusiasts.


Founders' Retreat - Goa aims to  bring together 60-80 startups focused on Business & Network Growth For 6 sessions (3 days) the  executive officers of each startup business or service company will  relocate work and share business & knowledge experience here in Goa as  well as interact with Business Owners Collaborators Founders in the mix who are present.This program not only facilitates  and improves company culture but also promotes relaxation opportunities. By joining us you will be able to partake in intensive networking events  training and workshops.Global Startups Club has hosted over 52 events across Mumbai Bangalore New Delhi & Hyderabad in India  with over 6500+ Startup Delegates & over 70+ Investors at their community  events. Co-organizer - 3x Events has brought over 900+ events in South  Africa UAE & India in the past decade.

Who is it for?

Founders' Retreat - Goa welcomes  and is looking forward to selecting Business Startups. If you aim to:

>find new ideas

>look for inspiration

>relax with other founders

>boost your startup

>increase your network

then this retreat is for you!  Startups that are interested in this program can book tickets.

Which Startups can participate?

Startups Business Owners Service  companies Investors & Ecosystem Collaborators.

Startups in Fintech Agritech D2C  Proptech Insurtech Manufacturing Other tech domains etc. 0-1 Seed Stage  Startups 1-10 growth Stage startups & established Businesses & also  services companies like Law firms CA firms Influencer Agencies Marketing  companies Tech Companies etc. Investors who are at Seed & Series A with  Angel Networks Venture Capital Firms are also part of the event.

What stage do we need to be at in order to apply? Is it possible to be too far ahead or  too far behind?

0-1 Seed Stage Startups 1-10  growth Stage startups & established Businesses & also services  companies like Law firms CA firms Influencer Agencies Marketing companies  Tech Companies etc.

Who is involved @ Founders' Retreat Goa?

This educational program which is  totally tailored is designed by one of the leading startup communities -  Global Startups Club & expert Investment Banking Firm - Mojo Startup  Advisory. In order to assist participants during the venue local hosts will be available. Co-organizer - 3x Events has brought over 900+ events in South  Africa UAE & India in the past decade. Our printing partners are at the event.

What will I be learning and doing during this retreat?

During the program you will be  learning (more) about:

> Startup Status & Stage

> Strategy & Business  Diagnosis

> Value Creation

> Brand & Communication

> Product Strategy Review

> Sales Improvement

> Business Model Review

> Growth Hacking & Digital  Marketing

> Soft & Hard Skills

> Leadership for Impact

> Business Measurement

> The Art of Pitching

2024's PROGRAM

This is organised by Mojo Startup  Global Startup Club & 3X Events. There will be 18 hrs + of in-depth  information sharing during this 3 days event for entrepreneurs business  owners & founders. There will also be plenty of opportunities to network with investors and business leaders and get recognized for your  accomplishments. A long-awaited opportunity to launch your thoughts promote  your startup give investors elevator pitches and acquire funding! Startups  should take advantage of this opportunity for open networking among a variety  of startup founders consultants agencies freelancers and investors in  order to foster lifelong relationships create networks synergize and  produce. Founders Retreat Goa 2024 is an initiative to connect the startup community  for collective networking and progress.


The agenda of the 6th edition of  Global Startups Club's Flagship conference but this time in retreat format  will be insightful & growth oriented look at what we have in store in  this edition:

RE-shape  your FUTURE

(Day 1) 9 February - First Session

Topic: Startup Assessment

Deliverable: 3 hours Session

> Build a plan for the program

> Strategy & Business  Diagnosis

RE-design  VALUE

(Day 1) 9 February - Second Session

Topic: Customer & Value  Proposition

Deliverable: Review Creation &  Communication

> Value Creation

> The value of your Brand &  Communication


(Day 2) 10 February - Third Session

Topic: Product Strategy & Sales

Deliverable: Line Up Product Value  & Sales Framework

> Product Strategy Review

> Improve your Sales

RE-launch  GROWTH

(Day 2) 10 February - Fourth Session

Topic: Doing Business & Scale

Deliverable: Business Model &  Growth

> Metrics & Measures

> Vision & Mission

RE-expand  your IMPACT

(Day 3) 11 February - Fifth Session

Topic: KPIs & Team Potential

Deliverable: Define and Measure  Objectives & Foster Company Culture

> Growth

> KPIs

RE-connect  and GO

(Day 3) 11 February - Sixth Session

Topic: Pitch Rehearsal

Deliverable: Pitch Slide Deck &  Future Steps

> Art of Pitching

> What’s Next

> Demo Day

Participating startups will be  studied and new ideas or suggestions will be applied to their companies  products and markets. Besides the mentoring and workshops you will be  attending / participating in you will also have networking events and  leisure activities at your disposal.

We want you to experience this  beautiful geography like a local such as the beautiful walks along the  famous beaches & party places tasting the traditional &  international food and drinks relaxing chill sessions and so much more have  been planned especially for you.

What can we expect by the end of  the retreat?

At the end of this retreat you'll  have the opportunity to refine your objectives business model improve your  product / service and focus on strategic aspects of your startup. There'll  be a Demo-Day where you will have the opportunity to pitch to a crowd representing different investors investment banks & other experienced  founders. Treat this as a high ticket B2B Network & Growth Programme.  Please do not expect guaranteed funding results from such events since a lot  more goes into short listing a project for actual investments.

When do we need to be in Goa?

From the 1st day of the event  February 9 2024. We recommend you to arrive by Friday Morning so you can  have a safe arrival and time to settle.

So when can we apply?

Book your registration with full  payment before 31st January 2024 for Founders' Retreat 2024 - Goa!


This document contains the rules  and regulations for the upcoming Founders' Retreat - Goa. In order to  participate in the program you are advised to book your tickets in advance  since space on the program is limited.


Founders' Retreat - Goa promoted  by Global Startups Club & Mojo Startup Advisory takes place from February  9th to February 11th 2024 in Goa India.

It aims at welcoming and working  with Business Startups Investors Collaborators. Not only does it imply  relocation but also working and sharing business experience in Goa.

During the venue all participants  will be assisted and accompanied by local hosts.

02. AIMS

Founders' Retreat - Goa aims at  helping each startup gain more knowledge find pioneering ideas and  inspiration boost their Startup as well as increase their networking. An  assessment of the business the product and the market of each startup will be made and a personalized plan will be devised to fit the characteristics of  each startup.

With this program not only will  you be able to improve company culture but also enjoy leisure opportunities.  Our program has carefully planned intensive networking events training  growth workshops and leisure activities for your work and pleasure.


Founders' Retreat - Goa expects to  work with 60-80 startup founders & collaborators.


Registration for the Founders'  Retreat is done online through a designated platform from November 20th  2023 - Jan 31st 2024.

Please note: The registration  deadline is January 31st 2024


a) Registration is open to all male  and female participants. Founders Business Owners Startup Enthusiasts  Investors & Ecosystem collaborators operating nationally and/or  internationally can apply but these need to be previously established and already  functioning.


a) Registration/application period:  From the (20th November 2023) to 31st Jan 2023.

b) By (month & Date) each  startup will have received confirmation (via email) of their registration and  results.


a) Twin Sharing fees is INR 27500

b) Each person will pay INR 27500  to cover expenses in Goa at a 4-star Hotel (Hue Guh or Amara). These will not  include travel expenses from your city. It will include a double occupancy  room growth & retreat programme 3 days of Breakfast Lunch High Tea  Dinner Meals.

For single occupancy room  programme cost will be INR 37500

c) Registrations will only be  processed after each startup hands in the payment receipts.


Fully equipped banquet for training  sessions will be used for all participants for 3 days programme.


Respecting previously established  check-in times and places is mandatory. All participants must arrive before  or until the morning of the launching event for they need to present at the  launch.


Over a period of 3 days startups  will be analyzed and new ideas or suggestions will be applied to their  companies products and markets.

Specific purposes and themes have  been allotted to each week:

- Day 1 (Sessions 1): RE-shape your  FUTURE (Startup Assessment)

- Day 1 (Session 2): RE-design  VALUE (Customer & Value Proposition)

- Day 2 (Session 3): RE-align  STRATEGY (Product Strategy & Sales)

- Day 2 (Session 4): RE-launch  GROWTH (Doing Business & Scale)

- Day 3 (Session 5): RE-expand your  IMPACT (Team Potential & Growth)

- Day 3 (Session 6): RE-connect and  GO (Pitch + Demo Day)

For more details about the program  visit the official website: (

Note: The program will always be in  English.


On no account can the organization  be held accountable for deliberate theft and innocent infringement of  intellectual property or of things like the lack of originality and/or the  publishing of ideas projects and ideas.

For this reason participants  wanting to patent their business ideas projects and concepts and/or  register the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) of their ideas/business are  encouraged to do so at their own responsibility.


Founders' Retreat - Goa 2024 will  help each startup team relocate to Goa from February 9th until February 11th  2024. A list of suggested accommodations during the program for each startup  will be provided by the Global Startups Club. As soon as your registration is  accepted the organization will kindly guide and assist you in the booking  process.

While in Goa a local host will be  assigned to help and support each startup team.


For some reason after having  registered you need to withdraw you can send a replacement startup or  founder or employee from your side. Ticket once booked cannot be refunded  since we have to give head counts to the Hotel & other vendors.

On completion of the registration  process and the application form for the Founder's Retreat - Goa 2024 you  hereby must agree and accept the above mentioned terms rules and  conditions.

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Where is it happening?

HUEGUH The Porto Candolim, H.NO.344/3 S.NO.94, 11, Candolim Rd, Saipem, Marra, Goa 403114, India, Panaji

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