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2501 Kettner Blvd San Diego CA 92101 | San Diego, CA

Simply put, ford. is personal. His music strikes you deeply and effectively. Put
on any track from his critically acclaimed November 2018 debut album (The)
Evening and find yourself instantly soothed, inspired, or even hypnotized.
ford.’s music is an outlet to express himself and it’s a way to connect with
others. Already amassing millions of streams and hundreds of thousands of
monthly listeners over the course of two short years, ford. is a breakout talent
apart of ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective. ford. makes a unique blend of indie
influenced electronic music with plenty of lo-fi hip hop flourishes. The
atmospheric and introspective music made by the burgeoning young talent ford.,
real name Luc Bradford, expresses an emotional depth that stretches well past
this young man’s age. Wouldn’t say ford. is an old soul, but certainly a
well-traveled one. Born in France, raised in Germany, Switzerland and even as
far as Singapore, ford. now digs himself into the United States for a year
committing fully to his music and growth as an artist. ford.’s upbringing and
travels around the world have been instrumental in shaping his musical
perspective. Living and thriving amongst different cultures enabled Luc to
connect and engage with new people and fresh ideas. This translates so smoothly
into his songs that even the most passive of listeners can hear and feel an
emotive connection resonating throughout his sound. Where other artists may be
careless, ford. stays as raw and transparent as he can be. He aims for a strong
connection between his listeners on a deeper, more personal level. His initial
forays into music came from a place of youthful yet inspiring heartache, but now
ford. feels he’s got a clean slate to start a new phase in his musical career.
ford. won’t be abandoning his nostalgia-infused style on upcoming tunes - but
get excited for bright, upbeat, positive melodies that inspire and connect.
Fundamentally, ford. has a power to his sound. Guided by great moments and
adventures from his own meaningful travels around the world, ford. puts all of
himself into his sound in an effort to vividly invoke and inspire those same
great, personal moments in his audience. His music is open, inviting, and it
lacks the pretension of so many artists that strive too hard to be profound in
their compositions. ford.’s music has a strength that moves you, transporting
you back to a nostalgic moment of taking in a beautiful summer sunset with
friends. Accessible, relatable with a little bit of something for everyone, the
ford. sound and style is simple, but chock full of meaning. If you’re still on
the fence, just put a ford. track on and you can almost feel the warm summer
wind blowing pleasantly through your hair. This year, you can expect an
immersive ford. show lush with fresh, live visuals to connect friends and
family. There’s no better way to bring people together than a top notch, but
simply executed ford. set.
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2501 Kettner Blvd San Diego CA 92101, San Diego, United States
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