Foolish 2 : Sat April 1st 2023 : Cleveland


Sat Apr 01 2023 at 10:00 pm to Sun Apr 02 2023 at 05:00 am


1516 E 36th St | Cleveland, OH

The Foolishness continues on in Cleveland!
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Ohio Rave Alliance, Anita Bass and Sphere Presents bring to you, Foolish 2!

April 1, 2023

The Bird's Nest

Cleveland, Ohio


Phantom 45 - Chicago (DNB)

Phantom 45 started his career in 1987, playing some early Chicago house, from where he grew up. After a few years, he graduated to early UK hardcore, the precursor to drum and bass.

Drum and bass is the music style Phantom 45 is most well known for. He mixes it smooth style, like a Chicago house DJ, with long blends and proper tune selections. He is always making sure the right music is there for the dance floor to explode.

Across the states and abroad, to spread his music across the world, Phantom 45 has traveled extensively. He played in front of crowds of thousands of people in warehouses and festivals, not to mention the shows and tours with his musical colleague, Danny The Wildchild.

Phantom 45 has well known releases on major labels, such as Moonshine, Suburban Base and Surge Recordings. Currently, he is pumping out mixes like a mad man on Mixcloud for the present dnb family.

Odi - NYC/Cincinnati (DNB)

Odi (Digital Konfusion, Konkrete Jungle)

Bronx-born Carlos “Odi” Castillo is not only one of the most highly-respected DJs in the stateside jungle scene, but in great part responsible for its stylistic evolution in NYC. He got his big break after high school, when promoting for the famous mid-90’s NASA rave parties grew into a steady DJing slot. Back then, the 90’s electronica wave was called “breaks” or “techno,” until Odi and some childhood friends who shared a lifestyle, culture and musical interest began pumping out electronic records with their own signature twist. Having grown up on 125th street in Harlem, Odi began to introduce the hip hop elements that helped create and push the jungle sound. It has been the defining style of NYC and the east coast in general since 1997, when the Digital Konfusion crew formed their own eponymous record label and began spinning at NYC’s most dedicated weekly jungle party: Konkrete Jungle. Being taken in by the new born JUNGLE SKY Imprint, as well as being the jungle/DnB buyer at Satellite Records gave Odi the chance to stay ahead of the curve, with promos on the regs, leading to a position as an import buyer at Nemesis Music Distribution.

Eventually, Odi caught the ears of TC IZLAM, the international spokesman for the respected Hip Hop society, Zulu Nation. He was initiated in 2003, making him the first junglist to enter the organization. Touring regularly, Odi and the Digital Konfusion Crew have remained prolific ever since, DJing across the nation and producing for multiple other artists, Odi’s home base is now in the Cincinnati area, where he exists under the thumb of his dog max, and cats Edward and Nola.

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Moose - Cleveland (Breaks)

moosedjmoose - Breakbeat Militia, Infinite Velocity - Cleveland

Ever since kindergarten, Moose has been making mixtapes. Well, probably not the type of mixtapes you're thinking of, but rather, radio tapes. Moose wanted to be a DJ on the radio so bad, that he and friends would make tapes with a tape recorder, a microphone, and songs recorded off of the radio. Since then, DJing has become more than just a dream for moose by establishing himself as a well recognized name in the Pittsburgh / Cleveland / Columbus / Cincinnati rave scenes.

Moose blames his love for electronic music on DJ ICEY. "I would go to this club called BB McKlaine's, just because the DJ was spinning records�and at that time, I already had turntables. (I was aspiring to become a hip-hop battle DJ.) One night, the DJ dropped 'Not a Test'. It was like nothing I'd ever heard before. So different, but yet, so damn funky�I went nuts on the dancefloor. After the song was over, I ran over to the DJ booth and asked what the name of that track was. The DJ held up a white label with 'ICEY - NOT A TEST' written in crayon on the label."

This led moose to start collecting breaks records. "Pretty soon, I had almost all of Icey's records�and one day, my buddy gave me a flyer to a show in Pittsburgh that Icey was playing at. It was 'Ultimate' thrown by the Sunshine Kids, and I had to go�even though I really didn't know that it was a 'rave'. I get there, and had a great time. I actually met and talked with Icey, which was cool. Most importantly, I got to see what 'rave DJs' were doing�and I loved it!! It was then and there that I decided to give it a try."

Moose spun at his first party in August of 1999; Nuclear Confusion thrown by Infinite Velocity Productions in Johnstown, PA. Soon after, he was asked to join Infinite Velocity's roster, an affiliation that Moose has always cherished and valued. "They're the ones who gave me my first chance. Who knows where I'd be if it wasn't for them. For that, I'll ALWAYS represent Infinite Velocity." Since then, Moose has spun at countless events all around Ohio and Pennsylvania.

With four major CD/mixtape releases under his belt, Moose has been building a solid fanbase in the area. "More [releases] are to come�but right now I'm developing my production skills. My goal is to release a CD of my own music sometime soon." Musical Instruments, Textiles, Jewelry, and Architecture was Moose's first mixtape to become widely known. "That tape really got my name out there�I was able to give the kids something to take home after I played, and that way, they remembered my style." Musical Instruments was followed up by two increasingly popular mixedCD releases by moose, If I was a Mixtape, and Putting Things Together. The mixtape, FUNK THAT NOISE!!! was a collaboration/tag team mixtape with good friend DJ A, a.k.a. Andy the pooh. Moose also tag teams with the likes of Ben Kenobi, Dez Drastic, Hutch, and the rest of the Breakbeat Militia.

Moose's unique style sprouts from his hip-hop influence. Blending hip-hop with breaks and jungle, as well as keeping the crowd entertained has been Moose's goal and motivation from the start. "All I want to do is make the whole crowd bounce, yall!" a sample of Snoop Doggy Dogg in a J-Smooth track, is what Moose uses as a slogan for every performance.

Moose's favorite producers include Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Jermaine Dupri, Aphrodite, and the whole Botchit crew. His favorite labels include Urban Takeover, Tribe, Fuel, Marine Parade, Acetate, and white. (har har har)

Queen Of Chaos - Cleveland - DnB

DJ Stout XTC - Cleveland - House

Fun Size - Cleveland - Bass

DrGoo - Cleveland - Bass

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