Food Carnival Day


Thu Dec 08 2022 at 12:00 am to 03:00 am


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Food Carnival Day
About this Event

Of course, the food festival is mainly about food, but we should be based on non-profit business, which is mainly to attract students' appetite and vision. Participating in food promotion can help chefs cook food together, but also can give play to their own innovative thinking and come up with some new ideas to attract others. For example, we can introduce delicious ice cream. Will do their best to make their ice cream more colorful, aromatic and appealing. They can dress up cute to attract students to "visit". In addition, we can launch specialty coffee and students can try to set up their own stalls at the lowest cost. Each booth has its own number to represent itself. All the "customers" have five tickets (which can be increased or decreased according to the number of booths), which are divided into five levels: A, B, C, D and E, respectively representing the booth with the most delicious food, the most "beautiful" food, the most pleasant environment, the best service and the fastest development. There are also special suggestion boxes for students to choose from and evaluate the taste, color and cleanliness of the food in the stalls. We also need to organize a proactive systems manager. Judge 1 is responsible for tallying the scores of each booth based on the votes and comments received by each booth to win awards such as most popular food, most beautiful food, Best service booth, etc. 2, the number of order maintainers should be more, each booth should have two as far as possible, to maintain order, ensure safety, but also beware of outside personnel, to ensure the safety of students' personal property. Reception Office 1 accepts stall owners' comments and provides them with necessary assistance. 4, environmental protection is very important, there should be relevant personnel to solve the "garbage", to ensure that the environment is clean and tidy. Journalists took photos, interviewed and recorded our first food festival.


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Host or Publisher LOPEZ VASQUEZ

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