Flow State: Manifest your Vision [session 1: Heart]


Wed Sep 15 2021 at 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm


Tribe - A Healing Arts Community | Chicago, IL

Flow State: Manifest your Vision [session 1: Heart]
Enter the Flow State and manifest your vision with more ease and greater clarity.
About this Event

At one time or another you’ve had that experience when you’ve been working to accomplish something and you find that you’ve slipped into the “flow”? You know, that zen space where you feel a strong sense of concentration and clarity; stress, worry and self-doubt are nowhere to be found; you simply feel good and happy in whatever activity that has your full attention?

What if you could find that sense of fluidity between your body and mind, what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi coined as the flow state, to be engaged and concentrating on things that matter to you, every day?

This past year has been NO JOKE when it comes to struggling with mental chatter, worry, fear and loss. This difficult headspace has made it challenging to be present in your body and to create, work or experience life from a place of ease and joy.

It’s time to harmonize what you want to create this year with your body’s energy centers so that you regain the ability to create joyfully, HERE, today.

Tribe's co-founders, Ellen Letten and Cari Rogers invite you to join us to get back to your flow state.

In this 4-part series we’ll create a space for you to reconnect to that fluidity between your body and mind: 1st: your dreams to your heart center. 2nd: your ideas to your take-action solar plexus center. 3rd: your projects to your creative sacral center and 4th: your overall vision planted deep within your root center so that you can manifest with ease and certainty again.

In these soothing one hour, small group* sessions you will receive:

-a simple at-home ritual to prepare you for this session

-a short guided live meditation that will connect you to your mind, body and vision

-a uniquely curated soundtrack commissioned specifically for this somatic journey to immerse you in healing sound therapy

-one-to-one attention during this sound experience incorporating light-touch therapy & tuning fork applications by Ellen & Cari

-a brief silent meditation to seal the experience and carry your vision forward

-a take home self-care ritual to drop into the flow state between sessions

*group size is limited to 10 guests max. we take to ensure the safety of guests at Tribe. During the hour you will be fully supported on either a treatment table or body-sized floor cushion.

Imagine feeling motivated, fulfilled, even ecstatic again in your work, activities and life! We hope to share this beautiful work with you for one or all 4 of these sessions.

Where: Tribe’s Studio (Location and Directions)

When: 7-8pm on 9/15 (heart), 10/20 (solar plexus), 11/17 (sacrum) and 12/15 (root) on the 3rd Wednesdays of the month

Cost: $27 per session

Enjoy Csikszentmihalyi’s TED Talk on flow!

Where is it happening?
Tribe - A Healing Arts Community, 1819 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago, United States

USD 27.00

Host or PublisherTribe
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