Flow + Affirm Rooftop Yoga


Sat Jun 17 2023 at 12:30 pm to 03:00 pm


Indy Hall at 709 N 2nd St | Philadelphia, PA

Meet us on the Rooftop for Yoga+Live Music+Affirmations
Every month a new moon - 6/17 String instruments affirming us
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Experience the magic of live music, yoga, and affirmations under the enchanting energy of the new moon at Flow + Affirm, a transformative monthly event series. Join us on our stunning rooftop venue with a panoramic Philadelphia skyline view, where we bring together the power of music, movement, and positive affirmations to create an unforgettable evening of self-discovery and connection.

Event Highlights:

Live Music and Yoga Fusion: Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of live music and yoga as our talented musicians and experienced yoga instructors guide you through a soulful and flowing practice. Let the rhythm of the music ignite your spirit and elevate your yoga experience.

Inspiring Affirmations: Each month, a new affirmer is carefully selected to lead us through powerful and uplifting affirmations. Discover the transformative power of positive self-talk as we explore the depths of our inner strength and potential. Learn to manifest your desires and align with your true purpose.

Curated Wellness Market: Indulge in our thoughtfully curated wellness market featuring top vendors. Explore a variety of holistic products and services, including a tea bar offering soothing blends, crystal curations aligned with the moon's energy, vegan snacks, fresh-pressed juices, and journal prompts to inspire self-reflection.

Importance of Affirmations:

Affirmations are positive statements that help shift your mindset, thoughts, and beliefs towards a more empowering and supportive narrative. By consciously repeating affirmations, you can reprogram your subconscious mind, cultivate self-love and confidence, and attract abundance and positivity into your life. Flow + Affirm provides a sacred space to practice affirmations and tap into their transformative potential.

Importance of the New Moon:

The new moon symbolizes new beginnings, fresh starts, and the opportunity for growth and manifestation. It's a time to set intentions, release what no longer serves us, and embrace the energy of renewal. Flow + Affirm harnesses the potent energy of the new moon to create a nurturing and transformative environment, where you can align with your deepest desires and manifest the life you envision.

Join us for Flow + Affirm, where music, movement, and affirmations unite to create a truly immersive and empowering experience. Rediscover your inner harmony, connect with a vibrant community, and explore the transformative power of the new moon. Reserve your spot today and embrace the magic of Flow + Affirm on our gorgeous rooftop venue, offering breathtaking views of the Philadelphia skyline

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This event is curated around the New Moon ! The perfect atmosphere for manifesting your deepest desires. You will leave feeling relaxed affirmed & seen. Expect to feel community, even if you come alone.

We are turning dreams into reality! Desires to destinations
Our practice affirms feeling supported & open. Movement affirms our muscle memory deep within and allows us to experience from a new view point. No flexibility is required only an open mind.

Expect to move your entire body

This class is great for you if

You want to try yoga for the first time

You have a yoga practice & want a relieving class

You are interested in releasing tension from the body

What we hear & say have frequency. Our environment will be infused with high vibrational sounds and frequencies. We close each session with affirmations in a closing meditation.


We will be affirmed by love string instruments- STAY TUNED FOR OUR ANNOUNCEMENT ON THE PERFORMANCE

TEA BAR & Fresh Press Juice

Refreshing herbal teas blend (iced & hot) w/natural sweeteners will be available in person

Fresh Pressed fruit juice

Manifesting Meditation

Together we will visualize our new realities & goals for a new szn

Intention Setting Journaling

New moons are a time to get clear about where we are going. Free write to the live music or follow the offer prompts. This is a great time to draw or doodle.

Vegan Sweets

Locally made sweet treats & made good items

Crystal Bar

Everyone gets to choose a crystal that calls to them

Wellness Market Place

Hand Picked wellness products & vendors to support the new moon vibes

Tools you will need

Yoga Mat

Pillow or yoga block ( Will be available in the space)

Writing tools (Paper and pen preferred)


In the notes include what ticket type, date you are attending, name & email address


Where is it happening?

Indy Hall at 709 N 2nd St, 709 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, United States

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USD 11.11 to USD 66.66

Jade Javon

Host or Publisher Jade Javon

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