Flip this House & Networking


Sat Sep 18 2021 at 12:00 pm


3101 36th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95824 | Mcclellan, CA

Flip this House & Networking
? Hi all, we are throwing ANOTHER EPIC FREE ? live event (wear your mask ?).
This time around, we are bringing a Hard Money Lender who will talk about his recent transactions and underwrite your deal for you (Bring Your Deals and Let's Work It Together)!
The event will be held at our newest flip. We will also go over the following. Please RSVP:
1. Numbers (Purchase, Rehab, Sale Price, Profit, etc.)
2. Story of the House
3. Some remodeling Challenges of the House
4. Networking with Potential Investors, Realtors, Flippers, Wholesalers, Birddogs, Contractors, Lenders, etc. (Bring your Biz Cards).
5. Opportunities to Partner on Deals (Bring Deals!)
6. Anything Else You'd Like to Know.
$$$$$$ BRING YOUR BIZ CARDS $$$$$$
Please RSVP!
Where is it happening?
3101 36th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95824, Mcclellan, United States
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