Financial Fitness


Fri Oct 15 2021 at 09:00 am to 11:00 am


232 Iowa St | San Antonio, TX

Financial Fitness
Financial Strategy
2 Hour Program
About this Event


• Two-hour discussion about our relationship with money. This program uses Dave

Ramsey’s baby-steps, paired with his books, envelop system, and personal testimonials of

the successful completion of the baby-steps.

• Who should attend: Veterans (with spouses) who want to learn a proven method to get

out of debt and gain the financial peace and freedom we have been in search of?

• Course experience: During this honest conversation about money, we will

o Learn the Baby Steps to gaining Financial Freedom.

o Identify some of our own pitfalls about financial literacy.

o Hear the true story of one veteran's journey to financial freedom!

o Discuss common myths about debt.

o Get resources for any stage of our life during our journey.

o Show you a proven way to financial independence.

• What this course is not:

o Another course about debt management.

o The same information given during any transition class.

o Spreadsheets and budgeting.

*Although, during this open discussion we will not layout a budget for you, we are available for

one-on-one sessions. We recommend (and encourage) coming to the class more than once, as

each class is based on the class needs of the day AND you will now know like-minded individuals

who are on your same financial journey and can lend you some encouragement.

Where is it happening?
232 Iowa St, 232 Iowa Street, San Antonio, United States

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Host or PublisherBexar County Military and Veterans Services Center
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