Eye to Eye with Genghis Khan | Eid Break in Mongolia


Mon Jun 26 2023 at 10:00 pm to Mon Jul 03 2023 at 05:00 am


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Still shrouded in mystery despite its slow opening to the world, Mongolia is today a rapidly transforming nation. Yet with a glance at the world map, you will quickly understand why only now, 30+ years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, this is happening.
Landlocked faraway in Central Asia, tucked between Russia and China, Mongolia is home to only three million inhabitants. And with grassland and desert steppe landscapes covering an area the size of Western Europe, a vast majority of the country’s population still uphold their ancestral nomadic heritage.
Genghis Khan, considered Mongolia’s founding father, came to power in 1206 by uniting several nomadic tribes of the Northeast. Establishing the world’s largest empire – superseded only by the British in the 19th Century. Because in just a quarter of a century, Khan’s horsemen were able to conquer an area greater in size, and population, then the Romans ever could over centuries.
It’s no wonder therefore why he’s revered as a national hero. Immortalised by an imposing 40-metre-high statue, the world’s largest equestrian effigy, located in a complex just outside the capital, Ulaanbaatar.
Here, more than half of Mongolia’s nationals still live in round yurts called Gers – which are as mobile and nomadic as they are. Yet Mongolia, as a nation, is a place of contradiction. For there is stark contrast between its capital – with its fancy restaurants and high-end shops – and the rest of the country, which still firmly upholds the traditional way of life.
Yet for all the seemingly incoming transformations, Mongolia’s country dwellers, sprawled across vast landscapes with poor communication channels, will always be at the ready with a bowl of warm salty milk tea for any visitors who may happen to pop by. And for this Trekkup we’ve put together only the very best of what Mongolia has to offer.
Let's go!
Welcome to Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. Immigration clearance and check in to hotel for overnight.
Today we rise early for breakfast and head out to a Mongol Nomadic Camp, via the capital, Ulaanbaatar. Immersing ourselves in the daily lives of these nomads we will witness the making of dairy products, transportation by ox cart and camel freight, the felt and tanning process of various skins, as well as cultural and musical folk performances – and that’s all before lunch. Because in the afternoon we saddle up for some horse riding before spending the night in a nomadic Ger camp.
Today we head to the Khustai National Park, home of the wild horse Takhi, where we will jump on our bikes for a 20km wildlife ride. If we’re lucky we’ll spot plenty of Takhi, deer, and foxes. And for those who want to explore on foot we will take a short hike to track animals too, before moving to our Ger camp for the night.
Today we rise for an early breakfast before a four-hour drive to the ancient Mongol capital of Kharakorum. Here we will visit the Erdene Zuu Monastery, the first and most revered monastery complex in the country – built in 1586. Lunching in the restaurant of a Ger camp, we will then head to a local museum and ‘Art Therapy’ gallery before spending the night in our most characterful Ger camp yet.
Leaving Kharakhorum we head to the Khognokhan nature reserve to visit a camel herder nomad family before saddling up for a Bactrian camel ride across the spectacular dunes of this area. And in the late afternoon we wave goodbye to nomadic Mongolia as we travel back to the capital for our farewell dinner and overnight in a hotel.
After breakfast we head to the Genghis Khan square to experience this massive monument dedicated to Mongolia’s founding father. From here we continue to the Terelj National Park to see Turtle Rock carved by wind and rain, taking a short hike to the gorgeously serene Aryabal hilltop meditation temple before heading to airport for our flight back home.
Level of difficulty: Easy, available for everyone
Accommodation & meals: Hotels and Ger camps, double sharing. Local meals included.
Cost: AED 5,480 excluding flights until MAY 25th.
Booking of connecting flight from Beijing available at AED 2000.
Excluded: Connecting flights, visas on arrival fees, travel insurance.
Visas: Check details here. Indian passport - visa on arrival.
For passports non-eligible for visa on arrival, we will have a group arrangement, cost not included in the budget.
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