Exhibition: An Intimate Process of Strangeness


Fri Feb 03 2023 at 11:00 pm to Sat Feb 04 2023 at 05:00 am


SE9 4QA | London, EN

LuckyPot is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition "An Intimate Process of Strangeness" at LuckyPot 34 space on January 28, 2023.
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LuckyPot is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition An Intimate Process of Strangeness at LuckyPot 34 space on January 28, 2023. The exhibition will run until February 26, 2023. LuckyPot group aims to provide spaces and opportunities for young Asian artists to archive and exhibit their pieces as a community. We hope to look into the boundaries of contemporary institutional curation in the mirror of the academy and traditional institutions, to listen to and reflect on the local community voice of the British Asian art community, and to explore the links between private space and public domain, between the creative individual and publicness in Space 34.

To return to the individual is also to return to one of the most intimate units of thought. Each artist has their own internal experience of consciousness, reflecting the emotions, perceptions, memories, and awareness of being human. While the external experience of consciousness, in turn, looks back at the individual's collected and contemplative position in comparative ways, such as nature, city, class, and family. This artist group image, whether out of reflection or in practice, thinks of people embracing and redefining the distance between themselves and the world, their relationship with themselves, in a simpler and more intimate way. 

When one views an exhibition, one can sometimes reach a thought-provoking path due to the strangeness created by the Distancing Effect. The space chosen for this exhibition is unusual in that it is a private house with courtyard that used to be a public place for group activities. The reflection of strangeness and familiarity is a reflection of each; it makes the object recognisable in the context of a familiar emotion, but the artist's differentiated expression also makes it unfamiliar. The curation of this exhibition is an artificial intimacy with the unfamiliar and a distancing from the familiar. The space and the works are seen as an organic whole, and the exhibition reinforces one of them or the whole, as a compensatory process.

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The embryonic museums and galleries of the modern era were the Cabinets of Curiosities in the private spaces of the pre-industrial era. They were proof of a more intuitive perception of the real world in which people lived and of the discovery of distant worlds that came to them across time and space. The private house space chosen for the exhibition is a contemporary change in the way the exhibition is viewed. The exhibition moves from private space into the public domain and back again, a response to lifestyle and class ownership. In this year's Documenta in Kassel, Lumbung is a central term frequently mentioned in the exhibition, in relation to the notion of collective sharing. In this way we consider the extended boundaries of artistic practice and display, to sharing, participation, communion. Breaking down the strangeness produced by the Distancing Effect and giving over private space to the collective and the public is a way of reconnecting individuals and their proximity in the post-information age.

 In archetypal theory, any given concept in any given language has an example of the real world that best represents that concept. Within the individual there is no multi-contextual cultural dialogue, all experience is a path of knowledge brought about by individual opportunities. In terms of interpretation, the practices of the artists in this exhibition are close to what the anthropologist Clifford Geertz has called 'the understanding of understanding'. The works embodies the different ways in which 'people relate to and create impact' today, in a way that emphasises the boundaries between the self and the social scene. This exhibition discusses the paths of individual experiential awareness from the most individual of perspectives. It can bring a different way of thinking to our previous viewings and historical narratives, as well as materialise a participatory, humorous, innovative, local and independent exhibition.


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SE9 4QA, Grove Park Road, London, United Kingdom

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