Energy healing, PhysioEmoEnergetics in Virginia Beach - 3 private sessions


Mon Feb 13 2023 at 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm


Virginia Beach | Virginia Beach, VA

Increase your life force with energy healing.
Overcome suffering - free yourself from physical illnesses, depression, loneliness, anxiety.
About this Event
Are you tired of suffering yet?Depression, loneliness, confusion, anxiety - it’s all optional!Suffering is a choice. Freedom is the choice!Stay emotionally fit!

These MUST ATTEND private sessions that offer energy healing and tools for spiritual and emotional liberation have been attended by people just like you, those who were looking for spiritual growth and emotional freedom. Some experienced "spontaneous remissions" from physical illnesses, others have learned tools for gradual self-healing and spiritual advancement.

Check their testimonials below - see how PhysioEmoEnergetics System has made difference in their lives.

From Tantra, NLP, PhysioEmoEnergetics, Ecstatic dance, Dynamic meditation and Prana yoga to many other self-healing modalities – you will learn it all during these 3 classes.

Take a sequence of private classes for your emotional fitness in Virginia Beach i - in person at the specified location ,or attend virtual sessions via Skype or Google Hangouts.

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“I firmly believe that we all need coaches at different times in our careers. While I haven’t met Olga in person, she has still proven to be of an amazingly high value to me. Her coaching can be very personal and amazingly business oriented. She transcends an understanding of individual issues, as well as organizational and business issues, that amazes me about her capacity.I have worked with a lot of coaches who have helped me individually or to get tremendous growth for my organizations, but she has proven she can do both. Its amazing how she can coach and work with me via Skype to see and understand how I am reacting to our dialogue and issues and keep us focused and full of high energy.I would also encourage you to chat with her for yourself if you need a coach or others you think who could value from her skills. As I said, her work for me has been invaluable and is the best experience with a coach. I would recommend Olga to our clients as well as others, without hesitation.”

David Rosen, CEO of TechxFoundry Accelerator, NY

“As someone who takes a lot of pride in being deeply insightful and highly perceptive I was very skeptical of Ms. Kostrova’s claims even after I watched her videos and lectures on the subjects of both personal and professional transformations. However, after only a few sessions the whole experience has left me speechless. Leveraging her analytically probing and coaching skills she was able to get to the root of the problem quickly while making me recognize it as well. I truly felt Ms. Kostrova was reading my mind while also making me feel both safe and comforted by her. In a word – magical!”

Bill Baker, Founder & CEO – Celebrity Food Network, LLC., LA, CA

“I had been struggling with my career development for a few years when my friend, Jan Hutchins, recommended I contact his wife Olga Kostrova for consulting. The previous year I worked with a career coach and the experience was mediocre, so I was very skeptical about career coaches. While in the process of doing my due diligence on Olga’s services, I found an impressive quote about her, which read that she’s ‘a force of nature’. After working with Olga for several months I believe the quote is an understatement- Olga is nature!Let me explain: No matter what issue, struggle, fear, sense of failure, sense of grandiosity, etc., she has a wonderful way of grounding me by teaching me to ground myself. Through her I learned to hear my own voice ‘echoing in the hallway’, thus I become my own counsel and redirect myself to my path toward success as I define it. She’s a teacher, leader, friend, muse, challenger, etc. Thus she’s nature because she grounds me to my core stripping away all the wasted mindshare preventing me from my objectives.That’s just the tip of the iceberg with Olga however. She’s incredibly astute about business on all levels, plugged into Silicon Valley, worldly and very technically savvy.In conclusion, hire Olga as a coach or consultant for whatever your professional goal is, and you’ll achieve those goals because if you read this you’re ready and Olga will help you down the path.”

Laurence Verga, Sales Executive: Growth Hacker, Operations Optimizer, Budget Hawk, Relationship Ninja and Revenue Strategist.

“What Olga did for me is beyond “coaching”. She not only helped me to facilitate a number of multi-million dollar deals giving great advice on how to approach negotiations, she also helped me get rid of partial body paralysis. It was amazing. 2 years of regular visits to psychiatrists and counselors didn’t help. For Olga it took 3 of her unusual PhysioEmoEnergetics sessions, and the paralysis was gone. Simply amazing!”

Tech CEO, Venture Investor, One of major shareholders of an advertising networks recently acquired by Google, Mountain View, CA

“Olga has bravely and brilliantly worked with me to dis-identify with the egoistic thoughts and feelings that ruled my life. She helped me to finally be able to see the insatiable desires, petty dislikes and life-blocking patterns that that had been running me since childhood that had been causing suffering for me and those trying to love me. I’m no longer reacting to my ego’s insistent emotional urges to defend, distrust, and deny a sweet loving connection to self and world. I’m convinced she is a realized a being and lives in a state of powerful, angelic love.She ruthlessly trained me into my excellence and helped me to become a better public speaker, more proactive entrepreneur, and fully embody a new career and build a successful practice as an Executive Coach.”

Jan Hutchins, Executive Coach, former Mayor of Los Gatos, TV news anchor, Public Speaker, Los Gatos, CA

“We experienced Olga Kostrova and Jan Hutchins as powerful coaches with a dynamic mix of brilliant insight, “holding our feet to the fire” and gentle acceptance in the face of struggle. We enjoyed the process as they stretched our ability to engage social media and create new areas of service. Highly recommended!”

Bill Kauth, Founder of The ManKind Project / MKP, and Zoe Alowan, Artist, CA

“Olga… What can one say but that she is a required force of nature. If you need a sweet push into the vast change before you, work with Olga. She is part coach, part business strategist, part trickster, part cheerleader, and all heart. Olga helps you feel the big picture, though focus on the details to get you there. She is not trying to be your shrink or guru, she is trying to help you be you. That’s remarkable, and so is she. I recommend her completely.”Sarah, thank you very much for such wonderful testimonials of my work… I am blessed by each opportunity of encountering beautiful souls like you.”

Sarah E. Kornfeld, Innovation + Growth Strategist/Writer/Cultural Curator, San Francisco, CA

“Olga is a great coach to work with – she takes the time to establish great rapport, and she has amazing techniques and insight. She is also no-nonsense in the way she objectively deals with issues, while at the same time, offering a compassionate and feeling heart.I have managed to work through some very difficult issues after a bad breakup involving betrayal which left me angry, broken-hearted, mistrustful, and somehow dislocated from my own spirit. While working with Olga, I have moved past many of the destructive emotions which have taken up a lot of my time, energy, and focus, and regained a feeling of safety, health, and hope. Now I’m able to refocus on my business once again, and get back on with life as it was meant to be!”

Anna Weltman, Sport & Performance Consultant – Mental Training for Sports and Performance at Top Performance Consulting, Ottawa, Canada

“Olga offered to help me as a trial session because I didn’t have the money to pay. In that one session she almost immediately identified my core trouble and simply hearing her insight on the subject gave me the tools I needed to work my way through and out the other side. Some people have a gift for this kind of work and in my experience I found one of those people in her.Last year I hit a serious personal stumbling block that was holding me back from my true potential. In less that one hour Olga had completely nailed my restrictions and put it very clearly so I could see exactly what I needed to strengthen to achieve my goals. It was stunning and remarkably clear, definitely not something I could have achieved so easily without her help. I am now in a much better place and my startup is becoming a reality. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to explore what they need to overcome to take their next steps.”

Pras Anand, Digital Engineer, London, UK

“Olga & Jan are a tremendous team, bringing just the right blend of fierce and tender. In my current transition, I have needed both these energies, and their knowing sensitivity is a testimony to their deep intuition. They have challenged me to do the necessary things to redesign my business, honoring my resistance yet finding just the right way to push me through. I am immensely grateful for their clear guidance and deep caring. Indeed, they are a blessing.”

Dennis Mead-Shikaly, Life & Spiritual Coach, Mexico

“We had a great meeting with you today, as always, you are a real blessing to us. Thank you for everything!”

JT, owner of a San Francisco fitness center, and his management team, San Francisco, CA

“We experienced Olga’s and Jan’s coaching as a active mix of “holding our feet to the fire” and gentle acceptance of our struggle. It affected our business positively in both opening creative new possibilities and calming money shadows.”

Bill Kauth, Founder, ManKind Project & Zoe Alowan, Co-founder, Time for Tribe

“I wrote to Olga a few months back asking if she could help me heal from an emotional family wound. She assured me that I didn’t have to suffer as I did anymore. I was a little skeptical and waited another 6 weeks until I contacted her again to sign up for her services. The traditional therapy sessions didn’t heal the emotional baggage which I carried around these last two and a half years. I came in with an open mind and envisioned myself on the road to fully healing and happy again. And that’s exactly what happened. The memories of my past don’t haunt me or tortured me as it did before. I no longer live in the past and enjoy being in the present with my daughters. I cannot begin to thank Olga enough for setting me free.”

Emmi, Business Coach, San Jose, CA

“I first met Olga in a Wellness event in which she presented her intro into PhysioEmoEnergetics. She articulated that our emotional wounds and scars are stuck at different parts of the body. By fixing them, the mind is freed. I was intrigued by this idea, and signed up. I must say, each session was unique and refreshing. In one session I was able to go into a deep meditative process and experienced “non-dual state”, a “nirvana”.. I felt better immediately. I was able to prioritize my choices. Overall, I am extremely happy about the results!”

Yogi, Senior Engineer at Cisco, San Francisco, CA

“Olga is an unbelievable transformational artist. I approached her when I was drowning. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with depression and in the last decade my business sank. After a single session with Olga my depression was gone. And I mean it was absolutely gone and the feeling of depression wasn’t even accessible to me any longer. I tried out of curiosity to feel sad and I couldn’t. It was the most unusual outcome. During the next 30 days my business grew rapidly. I was opening new accounts and optimizing my business processes under her guidance. To say that I highly recommend her work is an understatement.”

Dennis, CEO of a Silicon Valley based construction company, San Francisco, CA

“As unsettling as they have been, the two sessions I have had with you so far have been highly valuable to me. Not that it was any different in the past! But the fact that I went to a therapist here for a couple of visits and even visited my boyfriend’s therapist with him, did not strike me the same way and only served to make me feel like I was broken.What I most like about you is that when you ask me a question and you already know the answer, and I already know the answer, (and I have been too chicken to say the real answer for a long time), and then finally you put me on the spot to actually say the answer, I see that I have to answer truthfully and yet I don’t feel like you are judging me are scorning me or scolding me. And basically we both end up laughing a little bit because we know that I have been a stubborn ox trying to avoid this truth!It is a very gentle, loving way of being tough on me. Of making me accountable to answer the real hard questions, and of making me grab hold of my own responsibilities and realize that all of my results only come from my doing, not someone else’s.I have been using the blame thing a lot with my boyfriend and I have been trying to justify my actions or lack of actions in the right direction by blaming him for being this way or that, or finding fault, or accusing him, etcetera.Essentially he has what he has and he presents what he presents and how I dance around that is my doing. And my doing has not been very beneficial for me. The thing I answered you yesterday when you asked me what do I want – was to fess up and take responsibility for myself in a productive way that ensures my success and well-being, and joyfulness. I’d like to lose the fear, and be comfortable with risk-taking and change once again.I believe that we are succeeding in that direction or at least I am clearer now.”

Anna Weltman, Sport & Performance Consultant – Mental Training for Sports and Performance at Top Performance Consulting, Ottawa, Canada

PhysioEmoEnergetics sessions are healing.

So, heal and attain liberation, set yourself free.

During each session we will use various practices and emotional fitness exercises to help you come back home to your Self, discover inner peace, the depth of the present moment, the joy of living… Our classes is your shortcut to sustainable sense of happiness. Our goal is to heal people from stress, as well as past pains and repressions.

If you live outside of the Virginia, come and spend the weekend exploring magnificent ocean beaches and parks of Virginia Beach.


At specified dates or at your convenience (contact via email at the bottom of the page to schedule your first session)..


In a comfort of your home or at the specified location (discuss when you connect).


3 one on one classes for you to stay emotionally fit and transcend limitations of the mind (10 hours) - $1000.

Early birds price: $499 - if registered today.

The classes are hosted by the founder of PhysioEmoEnergetics Institute. It's for all levels, meaning that if you've never practiced PhysioEmoEnergetics or you're an experienced practitioner, you'll feel at home, challenged, and at ease. During each session you will experientially learn how to achieve immediate results for unnecessary pain, suffering, and illness – any time it occurs. Together we will quickly access and heal the root causes for Physical, Mental, and Emotional Suffering or each attendee.

The PhysioEmoEnergetics System employs intuitive, compassionate touch and kinesthetic modalities to create a pleasant sensory experience during each class.

The transcendental character of the music is carefully selected to assist attendees in experiencing a collective state of bodily transcendence, similar to that of ancient shamanic dancing ritual, trough hypnotic, pulsing melodies and rhythms... all to design the environment of joy and unification with each other in Love, while your body moves. During each class of PhysioEmoEnergetics there are three major steps in the process of permanently releasing the stored tension and energetic blockages:

  • Identification,
  • Liberation,
  • Integration.

By giving proper attention to the body and to the senses, the session proceeds smoothly and efficiently. PhysioEmoEnergetics uses a blend of physical, emotional, energetic, and cognitive healing techniques to intuitively and rapidly resolve the root cause of pain, suffering, and illness. The PhysioEmoEnergetics System does this by activating and enhancing your own mind’s natural self-healing abilities to untangle self-defeating neural clusters and re-architect your mental structures so that you become the ~you~ you have always known you can be. And you ~can~ be that you sooner than you expect - it will take just 2 days of dancing breathing and mindfully working with your body.

The PhysioEmoEnergetics events are your best choice when:

  • You are ready to step past the routine roller coaster ride
  • You are ready to experience a Rapid Resolution of Energetic Blockages
  • You are ready to discover both a quick fix and a permanent change
  • You are ready to let go of the baggage that holds you back and slows you down
  • You are ready to HAVE FUN!

This set of 3 1-on-1 sessions will show you that letting go of negative emotions is as easy and quick as throwing out the kitchen trash. You will be free to discover your life’s true purpose, beyond “getting better”, with a mind full of clarity, ready to experience your birthright of joy and fulfillment.

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