empowerHER: Navigating Wellness for Black Women


Sat Apr 27 2024 at 11:00 am to 04:00 pm


Wellness, Empowerment & Resiliency Campus Ste. #275 | Eastmont Mall | Oakland, CA

Join us in Oakland, a city of history and resilience, where community and innovation intersect. Together, let's heal, learn, and soar.
About this Event

Welcome to EmpowerHER: Navigating Wellness for Black Women!

In a world that moves at an unrelenting pace, finding time and space to prioritize your well-being is not just a luxury, it's a necessity, especially for Black women. This April, join us in a transformative experience aimed at elevating health equity, fostering healing, and celebrating the resilience and beauty of Black womanhood.

Who Should Attend:

EmpowerHER is crafted for Black women of all ages and from all walks of life. Whether you're a professional navigating the complexities of the workplace, a mother balancing the demands of home and self-care, a young adult exploring the world, or a senior cherishing the wisdom of years, this event is for you.

It's for the healers and the seekers, the caregivers and the career-driven, the artists and the activists. If you're on a journey to wellness, seeking to deepen your understanding of health equity, or wanting to connect with a community that uplifts and supports, EmpowerHER is your destination.

Topics and Workshops:

We've curated an array of workshops, vendors, experts and interactive sessions focusing on:

  • Mental Health & Emotional Wellness: Delve into sessions on mindfulness, stress management, and strategies for mental resilience.
  • Physical Health & Nutrition: Learn from nutritional experts about diet, holistic health practices, and staying physically active.
  • Health Equity Dialogues: Engage in meaningful discussions about health disparities, access to healthcare, and advocating for equitable health policies in Oakland and beyond.
  • Financial Wellness: Explore the intersection of financial health and overall well-being, learning practical tips for managing financial stress.

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A Week of Empowering Events:

The EmpowerHER experience isn't confined to a single day. We're hosting a series of events throughout the week, leading up to the main expo.

Dive into meditation sessions that soothe the soul, art workshops that unleash creativity, breathing classes that invigorate the spirit, and self-care workshops that teach the art of prioritizing oneself.

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A Tone of Healing and Celebration:

At EmpowerHER, every conversation, workshop, and interaction is imbued with a tone of healing. It's a space where you can shed the weight of the world and embrace a community that understands, uplifts, and heals together.

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Vibrance: Exploration of Black Women Healing (2022) is a series of multi-media work influenced by mental health, healing, and elements of Black women.

"My work calls to tell stories of ways Black women choose to express themselves through healing. The “super woman” cloak burdened to Black women across the diaspora is nothing new. However, the conversation of how to unveil it is present in contemporary discourse, which is reflected in this exhibit. Vibrance_BW encourages us all to see the power of vulnerability and exploration in Black women while healing." Zhané GayByrd - Vibrant Black Woman

Witness the power of an exclusive exhibit that pays homage to the legacy, strength, and grace of Black women. This exhibit is a narrative of triumph, resilience, and the unspoken bond that connects each of us.

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Join us in Oakland, a city of history and resilience, where community and innovation intersect. Be part of EmpowerHER: Navigating Wellness for Black Women and redefine what wellness means to you. Together, let's heal, learn, and soar.

EmpowerHER is not just an event; it's a movement. It's a call to every Black woman who believes in the power of unity, wellness, and the relentless strength that comes from within. We can't wait to welcome you.

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Wellness, Empowerment & Resiliency Campus Ste. #275 | Eastmont Mall, Eastmont Mall - WERC Ste. #275, Oakland, United States

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