Elysian Valley_Los Angeles River Kayak Tours_2021_SAT.


Sat Jun 12 2021 at 11:30 am to Sat Aug 28 2021 at 05:30 pm


Meeting and Parking Point | Los Angeles, CA

Elysian Valley_Los Angeles River Kayak Tours_2021_SAT. Explore this lively, splashy section of the LA River at the center of change. Urban summer fun for the fit and adventurous.
About this Event

Enjoy splashy rapids in this lush two-mile section of the Elysian Valley (aka, the "Glendale Narrows"). Learn more about future plans for the area and see the new bicycle bridge built across the river. Nature and the city combine to make this a one-of-a-kind experience.

WHERE: Your adventure begins and ends in the middle of a burgeoning creative community now best known as Frogtown. Officially called the Elysian Valley, the community sits along the river on a wide flood plain that also includes the neighborhoods of Cypress Park, Glassell Park , Silver Lake and Atwater Village.

WHAT: This section has some Class-I rapids (light) and plenty of rocks to get over and around. It's fun but for the energetic -- be ready to walk, carry, stand up, sit down and, of course, paddle a lot.

HOW: After safety instruction and a gear check, hop into a kayak -- our first big splash is just a few strokes away. Expect to get wet and get a good workout. Our guides will be with you all the way

WHO: LA River Expeditions is the original boating outfit on the LA River and the only one leading tours in both Recreation Zones. We are the group that, in 2008, paddled the 51 miles of the river to help win environmental protections for it under the Clean Water Act. Since then, as a California nonprofit, we've put over ten thousand people on the river in kayaks. We're proud of having contributed to our community's enjoyment and learning.

WHY: For its river conservation efforts, LA River Expeditions is the recipient of the Green Paddle Award (American Canoe Association), the River Warrior Award (Resource Renewal Institute) and the River Hero award (River Network). We do all this because we are avid kayakers and all-around river enthusiasts. Our experienced guides have decades of collective experience running rivers. They've received professional training in safety and paddling skills. All guides maintain First Aid/CPR certification.

NOTE: To best enjoy these trips you'll want to have a fitness level of at least 3 on a scale of 5. This is not a float, as much as we love those too. (Our Sepulveda Basin location's for that.) Also please consider our other location if you have a medical condition that could be compromised, or if you're over 215 pounds, as our boats can get stuck and damaged on rocks with heavier loads.

Kids ten years old and over are fine, as they're fairly athletic and have paddled before.

LARivX reserves the right to restrict participation for safety reasons. There is a strict no-refund policy though we can accommodate with a more appropriate trip.

See FAQs below to see our COVID policy as well as get other questions answered.

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* What's the deal with this part of the river? This is a sporty section with flowing water and some easy rapids. This vibrant natural section lends itself well to both fun kayaking and learning all about the river.  Whether you're a resident or tourist, you'll come away with a whole new perspective on the nature that's right here in the heart of urban Los Angeles.

* Is it hot out there? Yes. It can be very hot during the summer. If you have particular issues with heat, or tenuous medical issues, this just might not be for you.

* Any age limits? This activity is usually doable for people 10 years and up (barring any extraordinary health or physical conditions), as long as they have some experience paddling. We're glad to work with athletic beginners but know that the moving water makes things very exciting!

 * Any weight limits? Yes, no more than 215 lbs., please, in this section of the river. The kayaks have weight capacity limits and can get stuck. Be sure that each person for whom you're buying a ticket meets this criteria. It's a stability/safety issue, so please respect that.

* How experienced do I have to be? The trip will require that you paddle your own kayak for about 2.5 miles in moving water. We recommend that participants have some paddling experience, due to the need to maneuver around rocks and handle some Class-I rapids.

* How's the water quality? The LA River, like most urban rivers, suffers from pollution. However, the river is deemed safe for recreation by the city and Heal the Bay, who test the water twice a week for changes. Still, you'll want to avoid drinking or splashing the water into your mouth, which is pretty easy to do. If water monitoring reveals unusually high levels of bacteria, tours will be canceled.

LA River Expeditions has not had any notable reported health incidents due to river water since we began running tours in 2011 (that's roughly 10,000 people). Nonetheless, we take safety seriously and have ample supplies of anti-bacterial sanitizers plus fresh water to wash off with at the end of your tour. There is more information about water quality and testing at this City website: https://bit.ly/2IBTqz4. F

* What's your Covid-19 policy? We may not all agree on proper pandemic policy, but we ask for your patience in striking a balance between health guidelines (we mostly use County recommendations) and safe outdoor activity (which is not significantly risky, according to the CDC). Masks will be mandatory in & around the check-in area near the truck; please mask up as you near the site. Masks will also be mandatory during the pre-tour Paddling/Safety Demonstration. You may step away from the group if you wish to remove your mask, but should stay within shouting distance so you hear timely group instructions. Once you’re on the river, you may remove your mask, though we ask that you respect the regular 6-foot distance courtesy between boats throughout the tour. We give our equipment a wash-down between tours, and a more thorough wash at the end of each weekend; however, we encourage you to bring & use whatever cleaning supplies will make you feel at ease and safe during your tour.

* What about parking in the local neighborhoods? Your "Welcome Kit" that you receive after ticketing will have information on parking near the kayak launch site.

* What if my trip is canceled? The trips are sometimes canceled due to poor weather or water quality. If that happens, we will work with you to reschedule you for another tour as soon as possible. 

* What's your cancellation policy? Sorry, but once you purchase your tickets there are no refunds. Being late or getting lost is on you. However, if you know ahead of time that you'll be unable to attend your tour for whatever reason, we recommend any of these options: (1) sell you tickets to another, they are 100% transferable; (2) use our Facebook page to look for people who are interested in tickets, or post your tickets as available for sale (sometimes it helps to offer a discount); or ( 3) give your ticket(s) to a friend, family member or work colleague so that someone can enjoy the experience.

* OK, so how do I get tickets?  If you're excited to experience this novel adventure, then we'd love to have you aboard! Use this site to select a Date, then click on Tickets and follow the prompts for payment. If it says "Sold Out" then you simply look for the next available date.

* After I get my tickets, how do find out everything else I'll need to know? You'll be able to download our "Welcome Kit" immediately if you like, so you can be prepared. It contains info like what to bring, exactly where to meet and when, written directions and maps, and also a couple of waivers you'll need to sign and bring with you. Also, we mail out that same our Welcome Kit in an email roughly a week prior to your tour.  

We hope to see you out on the LA River soon!!

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Meeting and Parking Point, 2900 Newell Street, Los Angeles, United States

USD 70.00

Host or PublisherL.A. River Expeditions
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