Ecstatic Dance


Fri Oct 15 2021 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm


The Veranda at Thornton Park | Orlando, FL

Ecstatic Dance Let's get together and dance under the stars in the courtyard of the beautiful Veranda in Thornton Park!
This dance will begin with a 30 minute yoga, with Erica, to losen up tight muscles.
Then a short, powerful breathing technique, with Amber, to open the mind and connect to our bodies.
Please bring a yoga mat and water, there will be a filtered alkaline water refill station available.
Tickets are $15
Costumes and instruments are welcomed and encouraged.
What exactly is ecstatic dance??
An ecstatic dance is a safe space for anyone, regardless of experience, to dance freely without talking, drinking, or the standard nightclub vibe.
This is a safe space to dance without talking, alcohol, drugs or the standard nightclub vibe.
Everything has energy, plants, animals, people, and even our thoughts. Moving our bodies helps to release stagnant and pent up energy. Some people do this by running, yoga, swimming etc.
Our modern society has made many feel self conscious about dancing and that there is only one way to dance that is correct and someone must move in a specific way to be doing it correctly.
But the truth is that since the beginning of time, humans have danced and moved their bodies to release stress, anxiety and to honor and celebrate life.
What to expect:
The musical journey will consist of the best in down tempo, house, trance, tribal beats, and more. The specially curated playlist will take you on a journey where you will feel free to move, explore, and express yourself.
A slow melodious start will get you moving, stretching, and connecting to the space, continuing with a gradual build up of tempo and beats to generate heat and melt away stress and anxiety, then up to a peak to achieve total ecstatic surrender, then back slowly down to a relaxed state.
No choreography to memorize, no stress! So come get out or your head and into your body!
**There may at times be flashing lights and loud music.
Please feel free to bring your drum, flute, shaker eggs, tambourines etc to jam along to the music!
Please arrive early to find parking and have time to check in.
Parking is free on the street, or there is $5 parking across the street on Summerlin.
Bring a yoga mat for the breathwork and meditation.
Refillable water bottle, fresh filtered alkaline water will be available for refills!
No pets please the dancing activity and powerful breathwork can be stressful for our furry friends.
Where is it happening?
The Veranda at Thornton Park, 707 E Washington St, Orlando, United States

USD 15

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