Diabetes Masterclass with a Chef/Nutritionist : Food, Health, and Lifestyle


Thu Sep 16 2021 at 04:00 pm to 05:00 pm


Austin | Austin, TX

Diabetes Masterclass with a Chef\/Nutritionist : Food, Health, and Lifestyle
This 1-hour Masterclass will give confidence around food choices, give practical nutrition knowledge & understanding what and how to eat
About this Event

Expert Diabetes Coach Chef Andrew gives the Masterclass on improving your health and your glucose numbers and building your best life using the Brooks Method. This event is packed with practical information on what to eat and why, how to eat to improve your average glucose numbers and your overall health and covers practical nutrition that anyone can implement today and positively impact their health and wellness long term. With over 20 years of cooking and nutrition experience, Chef Andrew lays it all out for you in such a practical, straightforward way. The Brooks method uses a unique approach to coaching and it centers around what is pracical and workable for you. The Brooks method does not give you a new diet or meal plan, for example. Instead, Chef Andrew works with your current diet to tweak and modify it to meet the highest Diabetic Standards but also make it taste delicious AND make it easy for you to do at home. It's perfect and the Brooks Method gets results. What are the results? Lower average blood glucose numbers, complete confidence and clarity on food choices, improved overall health and other secondary conditions including weight loss, improvements in blood pressure, and improvements in overall health as measured by BMI, overall weight, quality sleep, and improved diet.

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Austin, United States

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Host or PublisherChef Andrew Brooks
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