Delphine Diallo + Pierre Zandrowicz AI Exhibitions, VIP Opening


Fri Mar 08 2024 at 06:30 pm to 11:30 pm


77 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA | Brooklyn, NY

Join us for a special VIP opening of Delphine Diallo + Pierre Zandrowicz AI Exhibitions - it's going to be an unforgettable experience!
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Welcome to the VIP Opening of Delphine Diallo + Pierre Zandrowicz AI Exhibitions curated by! Join us in person at PICTO New York, 77 Washington Avenue, #3, Brooklyn, NY, USA for an exciting showcase of art and technology. Delphine Diallo and Pierre Zandrowicz bring their unique visions to the intersection of art and artificial intelligence. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to experience their groundbreaking work up close. See you there!

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Delphine Diallo’s Kush collection seamlessly blends her passion for analog photography and exploration of Afrofuturist aesthetics with the emerging force of AI. Through a set of AI-generated images, Diallo portrays vast landscapes reminiscent of parts of Africa she has visited, infused with spiritual insight. These striking visuals transport viewers into an imagined world informed by her experiences and inspired by the ancient civilization of Kush. By challenging the prevailing dystopian views of the future, Diallo’s work invites us to reimagine a harmonious world where technology, culture, and humanity coalesce. The synergy between human creativity and AI becomes a mirror reflecting visions of prosperity and possibility, transcending traditional boundaries. Diallo’s collection serves as a tangible example of this powerful vision, encouraging us to co-author the story of our future

Pierre Zandrowicz’s Ceremony series delves into the intricate fabric of human history, where ceremonies serve as pivotal touchstones. These ritual gatherings, diverse yet connected by a shared desire to commemorate, connect, and convey meaning, resonate across cultures. In the interplay between AI-generated images and timeless narratives, Zandrowicz weaves a reflection of our times. As technology intersects with our lives, these harmonious visuals challenge us to ponder whether cherished stories and rituals will endure the test of time and the digital age.

At PICTO / Squadra Gallery, 77 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205, March 8th to Apr 5th


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77 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA, United States

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