DANCE OF THE HEART level 1 - Raqs Sharqi Tarab Music Interpretation Academy with Dominika Suchecka


Sun Jan 16 2022 at 06:00 pm to Sun Mar 06 2022 at 09:00 pm



Szkoła Tańca Hamsa / Hamsa Dance School | Warsaw, MZ

DANCE OF THE HEART level 1 - Raqs Sharqi Tarab Music Interpretation Academy with Dominika Suchecka
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Back by popular demand;
?? Raqs Sharqi Tarab Music Interpretation Academy
Unique program dedicated to elevating your tarab music interpretation skills to the next level!
ONLINE (Zoom + recording)
➡️January 16
➡️January 30
➡️February 20
➡️March 20
Raqs Sharki Tarab Music Interpretation Academy
With Dominika Suchecka
> 12h of workshops, lectures and discussions!
> 1h of private coaching!
? Choreography
? Interpretation
? Musicality
? The Art of Improvisation
? Personal Style Development
? Expression
Via Zoom + in person (for local dancers)
All participants will receive certificates of attendance!
The participants will be granted an opportunity for group stage performance and solo performances in an educational video production of Hamsa Dance School and Dominika that will air in the Autumn 2022 (terms of performing will be explained in detail soon).
16.01 5-9:15pm CET (3h workshops/lectures/practise + 15min break)
Songs of Abdel Halim Hafeez
30.01 5-9:15pm CET (3h workshops/lectures/practise + 15min break)
Songs of Oum Kalthoum
20.02 5-9:15pm CET (3h workshops/lectures/practise + 15min break)
Songs of Warda
06.03 5-9:15pm CET (3h workshops/lectures/practise + 15min break)
Songs of various tarab singers
Additionally for dancers interested in group stage performance in Warsaw (not included in the price):
18.06 12-3pm - obligatory costume rehearsal
2.07 5pm - group stage performance at Hamsa Summer Show
The program consists of 4 sessions of mostly practical workshops, but also lectures and discussions dedicated solely to tarab songs interpretation through oriental dance (Egyptian raqs sharqi). Dominika will explain rules of active listening and interpretation of the classical Middle Eastern Music, as well as song analysis and will propose many practical exercises that will help you understand and feel tarab music on a different level. You will also be provided with lots of theoretical material and asked to work between the sessions on your homeworks (Dominika will provide feedback on your homework).
During the sessions you will learn new choreography to a song composed by famous Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi. The choreography will serve as a practical implementation of the knowledge that you will obtain during the course. Learning choreography not only improves your technical skills as a dancer, but also serves as an example of how the teacher listens to and interprets the music. It helps you to understand which parts and layers of the song you should emphasize with your dance and how to build tension throughout your performance to keep your audience captivated. Finally every choreography that you learn gives you the experience necessary to create beautiful choreographies of your own in the future and choreographing is one of the most important means of dancer’s artistic expression.
Apart from the theory, musicality and the choreography we will also work on our ‘soft skills’ in dance: expression, working with projection/gaze, working with energy, building and releasing the tension, learning to serve as a transmitter of the emotions hidden in the melody and lyrics of the song, finding your space and voice in the music-dancer-audience triangle, working with our insecurities and performance stress, letting go of our ego and melting into the music. Dominika will also conduct 1 hour private lesson with every participant which program will differ according to your personal abilities, level and needs. During this session you will be able to ask all the burning questions, receive personalized feedback on your dance and advice on the direction your personal work should be aimed at. Finally if you decide to perform solo in the closing (online and prerecorded) concert of the program (which is not obligatory but you are highly encouraged towards it) you will be able to consult and work on your solo choreography with Dominika’s guidance.
To fully benefit from this program a lot of your personal work and engagement will be required but with Dominika’s guidance hopefully you will be able to elevate your tarab music interpretation skills to a next level and most importantly fall even more in love with tarab music, since this is the ‘X factor’ of Egyptian dance - The dance of the .
Participants of the program will be granted an opportunity to perform solo in Dominika’s and Hamsa Dance School educational video project and on stage (2.07.22 Warsaw, hamsa Summer Show) in group choreography created by Dominika. The video project in which the participants will actively participate will be created together with the p[articipants of Dance of the Heart Academy Level 2 that is starting a few weeks after Level 1 finishes and which you are also invited to join to further deepen your knowledge and hone your skills on tarab music interpretation. As with the last years ‘El Oyoun El Soud’ Gala Show this project will also aim to promote the art of raqs sharqi and to, in an entertaining way, educate the audience about the facts from Egypt’s history of that time as well as some facts from careers and personal lives of tarab music composers and singers.
Group choreography and performance:
During the project you will learn beautiful choreography to a classical tarab song created by Dominika. Main purpose of learning this choreography will be to put the theory of tarab music interpretation into practice and learn the most useful raqs sharqi steps and combinations. Additionally, local dancers will have an opportunity to perform the choreography on stage 2nd of July’22 (obligatory costume rehearsal will take place on 22th of May 2022 in Warsaw!).
Costumes for group performance:
Dominika will design and help you order the costume for the group performance. We will try to make the costume as affordable as possible but they have to be coordinated and made from the same fabric to achieve a cohesive group presentation on stage. Dominika will discuss all details with you during your first meeting.
Solo opportunity:
You can perform a solo as a part of the video project. This will be fully your own creation and expression, but Dominika will happily guide you through the process of choosing the music and interpretation ideas on your 1h private coaching session. Song choices will be coordinated and approved by Dominika in order to make sure the songs won’t repeat. You will have a lot of time to prepare and record your solo, because the closing gala show of Dance of the Heart Academy 2022 levels 1 & 2 will air in Autumn 2022. Deadline to send the video is July 30th 2022.
590pln / 135 eur / 155 usd

You can pay in installments:
1st installment to save your spot - within 3 days from registering: 200zł / 50eur / 55 usd
2nd installment until February 13th: 290 zł / 65 eur / 75 usd
3rd installment until March 5th: 100zł / 20 eur / 25 usd
The price includes:
12h of workshops (with recordings available until the end of June)
1h of private coaching available for each student (if you would like to perform a solo in the online show, you can use this time to consult your music choice and ideas)
Payment via bank transfer or Paypal - we will send you the payment info in the e-mail confirming your registration.
Additional costs for performers:
Online prerecorded gala show (for soloists):
- participating in the costs of editing the gala show: 40 PLN / 10 EUR / 11 USD
- (optionally) cost of your personal video edition if you need help: 120 PLN / 30 EUR / 33 USD
Stage group performance:
- 3h group rehearsal in June: 90 PLN
To register, please fill the form:
Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions! [email protected]
Or Dominika Suchecka on facebook
Dominika Suchecka is one of the prominent Polish bellydance and fusion bellydance performers and a big Egyptian raqs sharqi (oriental dance) passionate. She has taught weekly oriental dance group classes since 2004 in some of the biggest dance studios in Warsaw. Dominika had been performing, teaching and judging in many international festivals held mostly in Europe, but also in the USA and Egypt, including the legendary Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo. Since 2015 she has been traveling to Cairo regularly to deepen her knowledge and understanding of Egyptian dance and culture and to preserve this art in its most authentic form at the same time adding her own style, a pinch of modern flavor and her unique technique to it. Apart from performing and teaching Dominika also co-organises two big international bellydance festivals: Diamonds of Orient Festival and Tribal Hafla Festival, as well as Free Your Belly Project, Fanana Project and Bellycious Summer Camp every year. Dominika’s second passion is a holistic approach to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In 2018 she obtained the academic degree of Doctor at the Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences

(keep your eyes peeled also for level 2 coming later - Spring 2022!)
Drogie tancerki! ?
Po sukcesie ostatniej edycji wracamy z nową odsłoną DANCE OF THE HEART level 1 - Raqs Sharqi Tarab Music Interpretation Academy with Dominika Suchecka, tym razem na dwóch poziomach!
Ten pierwszy, na który serdecznie zapraszam wszystkie tancerki, które jeszcze nie brały udziału w projekcie, zaczyna się już 16tego stycznia!
Czego się spodziewać:
♡ 4 zjazdy i lekcja prywatna
♡ płatność w ratach!!!
♡ nauka wybranych technik tańca orientalnego potrzebnych do stylowej i pełnej feelingu interpretacji arabskich pieśni
♡ struktura i zasady interpretacji utworów
♡ nauka choreografii i improwizacji
♡ dużo personalnego feedbacku i zadań domowych!
♡ możliwość wzięcia udziału w solowym pokazie w ramach spektaklu artystyczno-edukacyjnego online, który ma na celu prezentację efektu pracy uczestniczek projektu, oraz promocję wiedzy na tematy kultury egipskiej i tańca orientalnego w Polsce. Gala online będzie połączona z galą poziomu drugiego, a jej premiera odbędzie się na jesieni (gotowe widea przesyłamy do 15 lipca 2022, więc jest dużo czasu a przygotowanie i nagranie choreografii - chętnie Wam w tym pomogę!)
♡ dla chętnych możliwy również udział w grupowym pokazie choreografii, której będziecie się uczyć podczas kursu, który odbędzie się na dużej scenie w ramach Hamsa Summer Show (pierwszy weekned lipca 2022)!
Na każdych zajęciach poznamy lepiej twórczość innego z legendarnych pieśniarzy Egipskiej Golden Ery ze szczególnym naciskiem na utwory ważne dla tancerek brzucha!
16 Stycznia godz. 17-21:15 (3h warszatów/wykładów/ćwiczeń + 15min przerwy)
? Pieśni Abdel Halim Hafeez
30 Stycznia godz. 17-21:15 (3h warszatów/wykładów/ćwiczeń + 15min przerwy)
? Pieśni Oum Kalthoum
20 Lutego godz. 17-21:15 (3h warszatów/wykładów/ćwiczeń + 15min przerwy)
? Pieśni Ward'y Al-Jazairii
06 Marca godz. 17-21:15 (3h warszatów/wykładów/ćwiczeń + 15min przerwy)
? Ważne dla tancerek brzucha, pieśni rożnych innych piosenkarzy tarab
Zajęcia odbywaja się na Zoom'ie a wszystkie uczestniczki otrzymają dostęp do nagrań! Chętne osoby mogą również uczestniczyć w zajęciach na sali w Szkoła Tańca Hamsa / Hamsa Dance School :)
Ze względu naa obecnośc uczennic z zagranicy, większość zajęć odbędzie się w j. angielskim, ale jak zawsze będę odpowiadac na wszelkie Wasze pytania i tłumaczyć wszystko na polski w razie niejasności :)
Cena kursu:
I rata - do 3 dni po zapisie: 200zł
II rata - do 13 lutego: 290 zł
III rata - do 5 marca: 100zł
razem 590pln
formularz zgłoszeniowy:
Czekam na Was! Domi ❤️

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Szkoła Tańca Hamsa / Hamsa Dance School, Kopernika 30, 00-336 Warsaw, Poland, Warsaw, Poland

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