Dade City Sunday Tactical Wish Event


Sun Nov 20 2022 at 08:00 am to 11:00 am


Pioneer Florida Museum and Village | Dade City, FL

Unofficial. In a Request Stage.
May I try to "Drum up" interest for a Sunday Tactical Exercise:
To All and the Florida Camps Commanders, etc.
Saturday Dade City will be a re-creation of the Battle of Marianna for the Public.
Unofficially writing, some of us have been told that the weekend will be a little different. Due to Museum staffing challenges, Sunday is optional for you and there will be no Public attendance.
You will be welcomed to stay over Saturday night. We are being offered the large field to the South East for our use.
Then and there, the Commanders and you can "Fight" a Tactical Engagement on our own clock.
A Tactical By Us For Us.
A Proposal
1. Do stay for Sunday. Artillery, please stay even without a Bounty being offered.
2. Commanders, Let's plan a Tactical for the morning lasting perhaps 3 hours?
3. The Tactical should be unscripted, but with realistic Mission Objectives and Maneuver.
4. Starts with a coin toss to be Offense or Defense. Forces are aware of each other, however Recon Patrols of Infantry or Cavalry Squad to be used to ascertain Strength, Activity, Location, Units, Time, Equipment etc.
5. A Pickett Line is set by the defender and Vedettes, Skirmishes and Flankers are thrown out by the offensive force.
6. A Main Column can be sent out with a Rear Guard to achieve an Objective.
7. Features include taking an Artillery Emplacement, a Town, a Railroad Train, or a Ship Landing Dock, any to be defended from assaults. Also, Kudos for capturing a Messenger Pouch, a Supply Stack and/or Wagon, A Blue or Red Flag, an Officer, a Town Mayor, etc.
9. Eat out of our Haversacks.
8. Exercises to be accomplished:
a. Platoon evolutions of the Line and Column
b. Command and Control of Squad Level Patrols and Scouts
c. Chain of Comnand and Orderly Dispatched Messagings
d. Infantry skills in attack, redeploy and School of the Soldier Comrade of Fours cohesion
e. Mission Oriented Planning and Orders, verbal, written and Bugle.
f. Outpost Sentinels
g. Logistics and Field Hospital
h. Ends by set time and a review of Actions reported by Commanders with Troops present before our pack up and departure.
What do you think and feel?

Where is it happening?

Pioneer Florida Museum and Village, 15602 Pioneer Museum Rd, Dade City, United States

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Thomas Van Dyke

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