Conversations with UX Copenhagen featuring Florentina Sarov


Wed Nov 29 2023 at 10:00 am to 11:00 am


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In her talk proposal about ethics in design, Sr. UX Designer Florentina wrote "Are we designing just a better mousetrap?"
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Conversations with UX Copenhagen featuring Florentina Sarov on November 29, 2023

The theme for UX Copenhagen 2024 is "Degrowth & Consumerism"

For far too long, we have been living in a world that applauds and encourages continuous growth, expansion, selling, and manipulation. It’s a world of over production and over consumption, but we’re running out of resources. Business as usual will not cut it anymore.

As last year's closing keynote Angelos Arnis put it "There is no planet B."

On March 20-21, 2024, we’ll be discussing climate change, consumerism, and waste. We’ll talk about degrowth, and about unlearning decades of harmful production, development and processes. We’ll have talks about how consumerism will need to change in order for the planet to survive. We’ll show some practical examples of work we have already done, and open the discussion about what we as designers can do to make sustainable changes for the better and create fundamental, systemic change.

We have gotten around 300 proposals for UX Copenhagen 2024, and one of them is from Senior UX Designer Florentina Sarov from Bucharest, Romania. With a thought provoking talk title "Are we just desiging a better mousetrap?", Florentina wants to address questions like: What is our role as designers, behind the ownership of the creative process? How does a well-lived life look? How are we responding to change?

We shape behaviors, it’s our job to ask about the final outcome of this change. It is considered noble to say “I want to change the world”, but what exactly is this change everyone talks about? What does the “changed” world look like?

Join us live with Florentina on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, at 10-11am CEST. We will look forward to seeing you online!

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Helle Martens (UX Copenhagen conference curator) will be hosting the event.

Agenda (all times are in CEST)

10:00 am Introductions

10:05 am Florentina Sarov will introduce the talk proposal

10:10 am Conversation, with questions from Helle

10:40 am Questions and comments from the audience

10:55 am Closing remarks

The meeting link is shared in the ticket confirmation email!

Can’t make it or want to watch again? A recording of the conversation will be shared on UX Copenhagen’s YouTube channel.

These live conversations were inspired by Helle Martens' initial talks with potential speakers for the UX Copenhagen conference. We are inviting voices in tech and design to talk about the upcoming theme for the next conference, ethics in design and tech, and everything in between. Every conversation is recorded live, and anyone can join in with questions during the event.


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