Conversational Lube - The first LIVE comedy dating show!!


Fri May 17 2024 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm


McMenamins Al's Den | Portland, OR

CONVERSATIONAL LUBE: The first LIVE comedy dating show!! All for YOUR pleasure....
About this Event

91.5% of first dates suck purely because of awkward, dull, boring conversations.

Conversational Lube is here to FIX that.

You’re invited to the FIRST real time, live comedy dating show!! Singles will be matched, meet for the first time, then join a comedian on stage (the lube) to have a first date!

YES, we will be putting audience members on BLIND DATES in real time at the show! That means YOU, yes, YOU can come and possibly find your soul mate! (Or at the very least go home with a funny af story.)

Each couple will have a date on the stage and be joined by a licensed professional* (*fully unlicensed comedian) to LUBE up the conversation to make sure it flows, is entertaining, and fully capitalize on any weird shit that comes up. (The last part mostly for the sake of the audience and laughs.)

Hosted by stand up comedian and writer, Cait Chock, who is single for MANY reasons but NOT because she can’t dazzle a first conversation. She shines in a first impression then actively decays like a free radical. She’s a lost cause but she’s using her conversational skills to help YOU find love!

We may not guarantee you find love but we DO guarantee it will be a helluva lot more fun than another boring and slightly deranged tinder meet-up.

ALL are welcomed, even you monsters already happily in love can come, eat, drink, laugh, and watch the rest of us squirm!

Apps suck. Approaching strangers in the wild is scary. Hitting on your Trader Joe’s cashier is not cool. A comedy show is your best bet!

Don’t settle for shitty, boring, vanilla conversations…apply conversational lube.

Check us out on Instagram @conversationallube and slide into those DM’s if you’re a single looking to be set up on a future show!

LOCATION: McMenamins Al's Den & Ringlers Annex

303 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

Show starts at 7pm

Tickets are free on Eventbrite but there will be a $20 door fee charged by the venue

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McMenamins Al's Den, 303 Southwest 12th Avenue, Portland, United States

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Cait Chock

Host or Publisher Cait Chock

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