CONVERSATION AND SOUP: Conventions, Taboos, Invisible Lines


Thu Mar 21 2024 at 05:30 pm to 08:30 pm


Sundholmsvej 34, 2300 København S, Danmark | Copenhagen , SK

CONVERSATION & SOUP - Conventions, Taboos, Invisible Lines
Conversation & Soup is an informal format for making connections and talking together in the in-betweenness of art, regeneration, activism and environmental stewardship.
Bybi is a host – offering a space to meet and a simple meal to replenish after the conversation. In this setting, we are continuously experimenting with different conversation practices inspired by diverse cultures, artists and researchers.
All are welcome - bring a friend, or make a new one !
Thursday 21st March 2024
Welcome to Speaking & Listening - Conventions, Taboos, Invisible Lines
Host: Oliver Maxwell / Bybi
Guide: Eva von Falkenstein

We humans are social creatures by design, and so we long to belong. Yet each of us probably has a (slightly) different relationship with “society”.
Being a member of a clan, peer group or any kind of community can give us a sense of safety, trust and reliability. AND it can also bring irritation, confrontation, even feelings of alienation. Sometimes, standing on the sidelines can be quite nice: more independence may allow us to experience greater personal power or freedom. AND at the same time, feeling like we don’t fit in is often difficult, a source of pain.

So how are we navigating these challenges and possibilities in search of individual and collective balance points?

Let's come together and deepen our awareness of what it’s like to be part of the human family in these times.
Might we find some shared “sweet spots” that may help guide us toward a happier and healthier way of living together?
Speaking & Listening is a highly inclusive practice which allows us to share our individual experiences around a topic that we may respond to in very different ways. Together, we move beyond our typical habits of discussion and debate, exploring the potential possibilities of attuned authentic exchange. How can we deepen our collective sense of what it is like to be part of the human family in these times?

This is one of the first formats we chose to try out "in the flesh", after having learned the core process in online citizen conversations, guided by other organizations, e.g. the international Pocket Project and German Mehr Demokratie. The structure is clear and simple, which is part of its charm. We love to combine it with a creative activity, rounding off our experience with a playful note.

Please write to [email protected] to confirm you are coming.

Where is it happening?

Sundholmsvej 34, 2300 København S, Danmark, Sundholmsvej 34, 2300 København S, Danmark,Copenhagen, Copenhagen , Denmark

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