Conscious Life Design & Stress Release Program (Sunnyvale)


Fri Oct 07 2022 at 09:00 am to 10:30 am


Sunnyvale | Sunnyvale, CA

Learn tools to let go of stress and discover how putting healthy patterns in place can help you create the life you desire.
About this Event

In the online 'Conscious Life Design & Stress Release Program' intoduction session you will learn how to access the wisdom of your own breath to release stress and unlock vitality and potential that you deserve- in the safe space of your own home.

With so much uncertainty in these trying times, many of us are seeking a deeper self. One that is healthy, thriving and in alignment with the beauty that we wish to see in the world. The first step is shedding the stress and traumas that limit our experience.

In this free 90-minute workshop you will have the opportunity to release stress and find inner peace and balance through the awareness of a guided, consciously, connected breath.


Are you ready to reduce stress in your life?

Poor sleep, poor diet, unhappy relationships, anxiety, shortness of breath, fatigue ...

We all want to feel better and to live better. Yet it can feel like we continue to face the reality of not feeling well, again and again.

There are shifts we feel we need to make. To start a mindfulness practice. To nourish our body with great food. To end toxic cycles of relating. To start the business we’ve been dreaming of.

So what’s holding you back?

To understand the blocks that stand in the way of us stepping into our fullest potential we need to set the patterns in place and have tools to go deep within.

This is what inspired me to create, Conscious Life Design

Through Conscious Life Design we focus on aligning ourselves with patterns of intelligence (breath, sound, nature, etc) in order to shed the dense energies that hold us back and begin to respond to life consciously. This facilitation and coaching design will help you understand and uncover your deepest values, the unique gifts that are only yours to share with the world and support you in translating them into sustained action, with details to activate a life design that will serve you unconditionally.

Don’t let stress and your unhealed traumas weigh you down any longer!

Hi, I am Alex. I am a certified breathwork facilitator specializing in the art of conscious-life and regenerative design coaching. My work is focused on restoring health, regenerating lands, and reconnecting to all that may have been forgotten. In my work, I have seen time and time again how stress and traumas block vital energy flow and keep us small and confined. On the other hand, I have witnessed profound healing and transformation through the opening of the breath. The way we breathe is a direct reflection to the way we live our lives. A short and constricted breath may very well mean that you are living a restricted experience and an open, fluid breath most likely means that you are living in the flow of life. When we are living in the flow of life and receiving the fullness of our experience, there is unlimited potential.

Science is showing that about ninety percent of people in our culture have restricted breathing patters.

Why do people stop breathing well?

In short, a restricted breathing pattern can arrise due a number of reasons ranging from physical to mental to emotional. At the root of these imbalances are often, if not always related to stress and trauma. To live life is to encounter stress. There is not a human life that avoids it, but the challenge is...

How do we manage it?

In this course you will learn how to effectively manage stress, process trauma and open yourself to the vitality of an open, fluid breath pattern.

In this class you will learn:

  • The ability to self-regulate through your breath to release stored emotions
  • How to remove energy blocks
  • Practices of self-generating your own healing and transformation
  • How to set the patterns in place in order to respond to life consciously
  • How to align in present-moment awareness
  • How to identify the messengers and balance your energy centers
  • Guided meditations to boost and uplevel your connection to self
  • A returning home to your natural self, your unique rhythm and flow of life

So get yourself signed up, grab a pen, a notebook, and find a quiet place to join the workshop!

I'll see you there!

~ Alex Harrison


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Sunnyvale, United States

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