Connection Lab - Curiosity


Mon Jan 24 2022 at 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm


Otwarty Jazdów | Warsaw, MZ

Connection Lab - Curiosity
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CURIOSITY is a magic bond that builds up the strongest connections
How do we get to know each other?
What to ask about?
How to ask?
How to answer vulnerably?
How to show up authentically?
What are your questions saying about you?

Aren’t you tired of “How is it going?”
Do you even answer such a question? Is that a question at all?
What if you are asked “What you have been passionate about lately” instead?
What makes you feel alive?
When was the last time you danced out of joy? And why?
What do you miss the most about your home country?
What’s your impression of me?
How do I feel about this connection?
Do you know the difference between interesting and interested questions?
Can you tell, when someone is actually curious about you, and when they are just interfering?
In this event, we will practice the ART of asking curious questions and vulnerable answers.
Let’s get curious.
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It's a place where
? we connect
? share
? play authentic relating games
? look inward
? look outward
? be ourselves
? be part of the group
? unlearn what we know about relationships and connections
? learn about ourselves
? learn about others
? respect the self and the other
? honor our own experience
? stay present
? assume positive regard
? stretch our comfort zones

? Research shows that people who maintain good friendships and have lots of quality interactions with other human beings, live longer and build stronger immunity.
? Love and social belonging have incredible power over our lives. Other people motivate us, inspire us, move our hearts, make sense to our lives.

Think about this:
? How would it be to build a strong connection with total strangers over one evening?
? How would it be to smile, laugh, and have lots of fun being with others?
? How would it be to stretch your comfort zone building connection?
? How would it be to ditch small talk, and get real for once?
? How would it be to transfer judgment into curiosity?
? How would it be to open up to others while feeling SAFE?
? How would it be to be heard, seen, and understood?


Authentic Relating Games are easy, often short experiential "games" that create connection through play that elicits empathy, openness, curiosity, and self-discovery.

✨ You would like to make some new friends
✨ You would love to start building deeper connections in your life
✨ You are tired of the small talks
✨ You are curious ?
✨ You are longing for more human connection
✨ You are intrigued by social technology

Take yourself and come with an open mind.
Even if this may seem edgy, and it definitely might be, honoring boundaries is one of the major principles here. I got your back, all the time ?

This event is held in English and has in mind our warsaw's expat community. But I'd love us to blend, to make it totally multicultural. Inclusion is another big principle here. It's your ? that matters.

17th of January 2022,
Time: 6-9 PM
Otwarty Jazdów-> ul. Jazdów 10/5 00-467 Warsaw, Poland

50 - 80 PLN
You get to choose how much you wish, feel, and can invest.
Cash preferred

Remember, there are limited spots so please register using the form:

Marta Jankowska - traveler, facilitator, a psychologist in the future, and also a community builder. For the past decade, I have been traveling and living as an expat in several countries. It was my self-discovery journey. During that journey, I've realized that people are my biggest blessing, and human connection is my passion. I believe we can make this world a better place if we transform judgments into curiosity and if we open up to each other. After all, we are social species.
Shall you have more questions, please DM me.
See you there,

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Otwarty Jazdów, ul. Jazdów 10/5, 00-467 Warsaw, Poland, Warsaw, Poland

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