Comedy Kings


Sun Feb 05 2023 at 08:30 pm to 10:00 pm


Whiskey Cellar NYC | New York, NY

Comedy Kings is an interactive Improv and Stand-up comedy experience based on the party game Kings.
About this Event

Comedy Kings is a new type of Comedy Experience. It is an interactive Improv and Stand-up comedy experience based on the party game Kings. Every comedian will perform a stand-up comedy set, and after, will draw a card to determine an improv game they will have to play. There will be audience interaction, prizes, and surprise guests. We're all Kings at Comedy Kings. Card meanings for the night are below.

Card meanings for Comedy Kings

2 - A 2 is for you - Everyone but the comic drinks, and the comic draws again.

3 - A 3 is for me - The comic drinks, and draws again.

4 - A 4 is to the floor - The comic tells a funny embarrassing life moment story.

5 - A 5 is for the guys - All the guys drink, and the comic draws again

6 - A 6 is for the chicks - All the ladies drink and the comic draws again.

7 - A 7 is for heaven - The comic tells a story of the time they had their worst bomb; aka died on stage.

8 - An 8 is for a mate - All the comics are brought back to the stage, and the comic who picked the 8 must roast battle a randomly selected comic via the cards, the lowest card picked is the opponent - 1 joke per round - best out of three - audience votes.

9 - A 9 is for a rhyme - The comic must sing or rap a song for 2 minutes.

10 - A 10 is categories - The comic must improv a 5-minute set based on three audience suggestions.

Jack - A Jack is “never have I ever” - The comic must play 5-finger "never have I ever" with the audience saying the “never have I ever” one at a time. Facilitated by the host.

Queen - A Queen is Questions - The comic must do a 3-minute crowd work set.

King - A King is a rule - The comic gets to make a rule for the other comics. The audience is to boo, any time a comedian breaks the rule.

Ace - An Ace is a waterfall - The comedian has to lead a crowd sing-along of one of the following on karaoke; Taylor Swift's Anti-Hero; or Taylor Swift's Blank Space.

Where is it happening?

Whiskey Cellar NYC, 77 East 7th Street, New York, United States

USD 10.00

Comedy Kings

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