Circular Breathwork Session + Social Party: "BETTER THAN THERAPY"


Sat Feb 04 2023 at 07:00 pm to 10:30 pm


209 1/2 1st Ave S (Near Central Saloon) | Seattle, WA

"Like 20 years of therapy in one session"
Guided Active Breathing, Meditation, & Transformational Exercises to Music.
Social after!
About this Event

"That was the biggest experience of my life" is what my clients keep saying.

Circular Breathwork: a simple 3 step, prolonged, active breathing session, that brings you the biggest results in the shortest about of time. Every session can give you a different experience, & you will leave the session feeling a SHIFT. This can save your life; it has mine.

Format: introduction, intention setting, technique explanation, active breathwork (27-33 minutes) to music, rest phase, guided meditation, grounding & closing. -- Social & hangout after! If you only want to do the breathwork, just come for the first 1.5 hours or so.

--Ashica DeMira, Mental Health Counselor & Social Worker

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Social: If you're tired of going out into the nightlife, feeling surrounded by toxic people influencing you to put intoxicants in your body as the only way to have a good time, resulting in them or you vomiting literal or metaphorical crap on your face - and want another option - this is for you!

We feel good and thrive off of the breath, have a lil party together, socialize & make new connections that fosters community, relationships, & fun.

You must be willing to put in the work into the breath-WORK, to bring jaw dropping results.

--Caleb, Military Vet, Crypto & Yoga Teacher

WARNING: This special technique is like powerful machine that allows you to finally pump out the years of waste plugging up your sewage system. Emotions and traumas can get locked inside the body, nervous system & breath pattern, and this technique can bring you an emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual relief you've been craving. The space that it creates then, is one where infinite positive qualities can grow. Which is why, many feel lighter, happier, clear headed, and free after a session. Get out of your head & into your body. I offer you more safety & comfort than most, as I am

SAVE MONEY: My 1:1, couples & organizational breathwork sessions cost significantly more than this group session; save money before I stop offering group sessions! Your inner power, life & freedom is well worth the investment. This is cheaper than a concert ticket, and will give you a concert inside!

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Why choose me as your guide? My style is very straightforward, science based, tangible, and I cut out the confusing spiritual talk associated with typical yoga or meditation teachers that WASTE YOUR TIME. I make it as easy & practical and as possible for you. You will not get my style of teaching from anyone else.

To give you the highest quality experience, I was professionally trained by experts in Circular Breathwork (see my ).

Try out a Free 1 Minute Breathwork Session below to give you a taste of my instruction. You may wish to do 3-5 rounds of it to feel even better right now!

Most breathwork teachers RISK YOUR SAFETY and "trust the universe" without proper training unfortunately.

You will see amazing results with me. If you don't, tell me, and we will problem solve. If you are already a practitioner of breathwork, I can support you to go even deeper.

I deliberately destroy the "being an enlightened guru" ego & mentality that many teachers dishonestly use to act "perfect" to amplify their status, pride, peer pressure, sales, people pleasing, etc. I AM NOT FOR YOU if are trying to find an enlightened person. I am for you if you want a real human being; I'm just here to share what I know with you that's benefited me and countless others immensely. Discover your own clear, peaceful, fearless power & awareness within, with my support. View more

--Tom, Construction Worker

Unforgettable Experiences: the majority of the time, people have a BIG experience of release, sensations, imagery, emotions, insights, a shift in perception, etc., as a recent client told me "All my problems went away, I have no worries this evening, I DON'T GIVE A SH*T ANYMORE!"

This of course doesn't mean you won't ever have problems again. It definitely boosts you like a Super Mario star, and is one of the best things you can do for yourself. However, you still must take responsibility for your life, and can't expect magic pills. When you find it beneficial, the best thing is to make it a consistent practice in your life long term, to see the most impact and efficacy.

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This technique is not only for "spiritual yoga people" -- This is not specific to any religion, belief system, or philosophy. I've worked with construction workers, military vets, counselors, cancer survivors, and people with no to little experience in breathwork, yoga, or meditation. As well as with very spiritual & religiously oriented people. People report having life changing experiences no matter their background. It is for anyone that's willing to BREATHE.

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To prepare for the session: For the best results & comfort, please bring an eye mask, a pillow, & a mat to lie on.

Location Note: Please arrive on time. The door (209 and 1/2) will be closed by 7:15 or so as we begin the event. Text or call me at 253-218-9024 if you are trying to get in and the door is locked (however I will ignore calls soon after as I will be guiding the session). Our studio is located right near Central Saloon, at 209 1/2 you will see a gate and door which you enter through, and walk up the stairs. We are the first room you will see.

*Note: Personally, breathwork has helped me more than therapy ever did. However, I am NOT a mental health therapist, nor provide therapy services or claim this can replace mental health therapy. Different things work for different people.

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I also do Sessions & Professional Breathwork Trainings, and (Meditation, Breathwork, & Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness). On Zoom and In Person. Feel free to reach out.

These are more customizable, personable, I can correct incorrect breathing patterns more effectively with more attention, and can create dramatic shifts in your personal or business relationships with specific exercises.

Couple's Breathwork Session Testimonial below!

Buy now before tickets run out! Follow my page for upcoming events!

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Excited to see you soon!

Contact me below if you have any issues or questions about your upcoming session, or want to schedule an individual/couples/organization session. Quickest response with email or phone.

Jason T. Dean -- Aware4All

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  • Email: [email protected]
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  • Instagram: Aware4All
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  • Messenger: Aware4all

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Repeating Event: This event will happen most Friday & Saturday's 7-10:30 PM at the same location. The more people you bring and invite will encourage me to continue hosting these events long term (please pay per person, this will help me sustain my living, and host bigger, and better events).

Check my for upcoming events by clicking on my profile & scrolling to the bottom.


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209 1/2 1st Ave S (Near Central Saloon), 209 1st Avenue South, Seattle, United States

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