Children's Christmas Carnival


Thu Dec 08 2022 at 12:00 am to 03:00 am


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Children's Christmas Carnival
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Activity time:ChristmasSecond, the activity location:The classroom of classThree, the purpose of the activity1. Through the activities to let a preliminary understanding of western festivals and western cultural background.2. children age characteristics in a public place for the party etiquette, let the children to fully experience the joy of the festival atmosphere, experience with parents, teachers, peer, celebrate the festival of happiness.3. The children how to communicate with people in the collective life, for example: when children participated in the activities and easy, not sweetly.Fourth, activity preparation1. The teacher preparation:Environmental layout planning large-scale activities of the entire process teachers hand-painted glass window, space hanging decoration materials for children;Campaign: make holiday poster, invitation card design, timely put on her blog to carry out the activities process.2, children's preparation:Holiday best for children (girl's favorite princess skirt on the stage as a princess, boys wear a shirt, vest dark trousers, can also be a cravat play prince) use of the teacher to prepare materials for art activities, to dress up the teacher, let children become the master in their environment3, parents prepare:(1) preparing cosmetics (the day the baby is carried out by the parent free play makeup)(2) prepare meals need food, we group to prepare in order of student number(3) parents prepare an own specialty dish to kindergarten to shareOn Saturday we spend Christmas together, parents need to prepare the above items on the same day to the kindergarten, division of labor is different, everyone let us do simple food preparation, finally Shared delicious!


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