Chicago Leather D*ke Picnic


Sat Dec 10 2022 at 12:00 pm


5507 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640-1213, United States | Morton Grove, IL

Now with More Fist¡ng!*

Saturday Dec 10th at Eli Tea Bar from 12-3 PM! We will be in the back area!

This is an event that is open to anyone who feels they have a home in the Leather D¥ke Community.


What is Eli Tea Bar? It's an amazing LBGT sober community space! It has bubble tea, coffee, and snacks. We'll be in the larger space in the back. 5507 N. Clark

What do you mean by "now with more fist¡ng?". Well, what we mean is, at 2 pm just down the street at the Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago's very own Leather Redux will be teaching a FREE class on fist¡ng! So come join us for some bubble tea then hop over to the LA&M for a great class. Or stay with us for more bubble tea. You do you.
*Please do not fist anyone in Eli Tea Bar. It is surely a health code violation.

How can we find y'all? We have the whole back area!

Are trans and enby people welcome? Absolutely!

Who all gonna be there? Your hostess is a queer Black leather femme, so POC are definitely invited!

Is there an age limit? We ask that you be over 18 years old to sit with us.

Can I bring my cis male partner? Be a lot cooler if you didn't.

What should I bring? Just yourself and a little food and coffee money.

Will there be play? This is a casual public event, but a great way to meet queer and kinky people!

Where is it happening?

5507 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640-1213, United States, Morton Grove, United States
LunaBear Chase

Host or Publisher LunaBear Chase

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