Carbon: The Black Archives Poetry Paradigm


Fri Oct 15 2021 at 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm


Harriett’s Bookshop | Philadelphia, PA

Carbon: The Black Archives Poetry Paradigm Welcome All to Carbon! We are so excited to see our beautiful People, in our poetic inspiration! May we arise!
About this Event

The Black Archives Poetry Paradigm is our community-conscious way of naturally dismantling the colonial-capitalist order today, through natural harmony, conscious in relief of the social and economic pressures which attempt to indoctrinate the African Mind.

Carbon is our effortless evolution beyond the comprehension of struggle, beyond the veil of expectation, beyond the Fears forced into ourselves by the repressing results of colonial-conditionings on our being. African Minds across the Planet seek to create their own exponential momentum, Now, towards the comprehensive solutions that template the conscious organization, inspired evolution, and Supreme Peace of our global African diaspora.

We seek strategies that naturally align our African essence. Spaces that attract our deepest alignment with Ma'at for our deepest African orientation. We seek newfound ideals which exponentially enhance our Collective perception of this Black Earth.

All of these magnetic attractions to Black liberation, conscious evolution; They all beam from within ourselves, and so, they begin with ourselves. This theorem of self-realization has proven, and will always prove algebraically undeniable.

With that being said....

We may arise to see our external Supreme Peace, from the source of our internal Supreme Peace!


The Black Archives Movement is attracting All to Carbon, our Paradigm Poetry experience on October 15th!

In the attraction of our youth excellence and generational harmony, we are asking for Life-planting, powerful Black literature for the next generations of our Black Minds.

If you are willing and able, join us in the movement!

Anyone can help us support the next generation:

Enhance the Black Archives Movement with inspiring Black literature, in person, when you are admitted into our Poetry Paradigm at Harriett’s Bookshop, on October 15th at 6:00 PM. Speak it at our Open-Mic Moment or donate, both are loved!

(That can range from from the Autobiography of Malcolm X to “Anti-Racist Baby”. Just be inspired & intend to inspire. No pressure.)

Donate to our CARBON COLLECTIVE on GoFundMe! After converting the funds to more Black books, the Black Archives Movement will distribute it to our Philadelphia Black Youth.

Just be sure to attach the Purpose to your donation!

Buy a ticket! All tickets invest in Black literature for our Philadelphia Black Youth! We hand distribute curated literature to our young scholars in West Philly, and donate the remainder to Black liberation centers in Philly.

Be the Love, and spread it with those of corresponding vibration on social media, and in real life! Even after the event is done.

Further add to the momentum of the Black Archives Movement by studying our paradigm network: or observing our social medias for the Renaissance of Black Consciousness .

Thank you All for your energy.

May we arise!

Let’s get you the details:

On Friday, October 15th, at 6:00 PM, Carbon is born.

Food is served, folks can vibe, and then we settle in for the performances

We also have our Open-Mic Momentum, so please bring your heart and soul with you! Speak unto the Universe! We want community! Bring your People! Be the soul tribe!

Free Plus 1’s for anyone with the password!

And by 9:00 PM, we complete ourselves in Libation, and we Peace out!

The vibe is surreal, frequencies are high, the Love is Real! Performers are divine. Y’all already know what happens when we get together as one.


Admission is available until the 15th, please grab yourself one as soon as you can, and add to the Carbon experience! The cameras will be out so do get all the way Divine. And plug yo’ shit. We want to help sustain your inspired action!

Come harmonize, come to connect with our beautiful diaspora, allow yourself to be the change we seek in the World!


“Carbon is the organizing molecule that gives melanin its structure. It is carbon that gives melanin the ability to absorb energies and harmonize with other molecules, while retaining stability and coherence.”

Where is it happening?
Harriett’s Bookshop, 258 E Girard Ave, Philadelphia, United States

USD 10.00

Host or PublisherMessiah Toure
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