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Fri Jun 02 2023 at 10:00 pm to Sat Jun 03 2023 at 06:00 am


Studio 9 | Taipei, TP

JUNE 02 : Presents Berliner ANDREAS KRAEMER

????: ???? / 06 / 02 Friday
-OPEN FROM: ??PM to 6??
-Tickets: Before 00:00 NT.600 / After
-Tickets from PR.DJ.WooHoo!
Electronic Music Festival:
Before 00:00 $500 / After $600
?Only one method can be selected for the discount method.

-日期:???? / 06 / 02 星期五
-時間:??PM 至 6??
00:00前NT.600 / 00:00後NT.700
-來自PR.DJ.呼呼電子音樂生活節的門票 :
00:00 之前NT.500 / 之後 NT.600

Bubblejam is proud to present ANDREAS KRAEMER.
?One of the founding fathers and masters of underground Hard & Berlin techno.
Flying in from Germany to Taiwan to participate in these momentous occasions with everyone! WooHoo Electronic Music Festival and Studio 9.
? Andreas Kraemer's path to musical success is like a history lesson in the techno genre.
-At the age of 18, first release on the historical label PCP by Marc Acardipane.
-First own label at the age of 20 Construct Rhythm and shortly afterwards another label Form Recordings. Publications by Chris Liebing, Stigmata, Robert Natus can be found there.
-From then until today, 28 years later, Andreas has taken his place as one of the pioneers in the electronic music business and has released over 300 vinyl releases and many digital releases on some of the biggest labels in the techno scene, both then and now. With countless DJ gigs worldwide that he has already played and his outstanding productions, you can always find him in the top rows of the sales charts.
- In 2012 he started a project with artist Niereich (Kraemer & Niereich). Shortly thereafter, an album with the name Brett on Nachtstrom Records followed, which ruled at number one in the sales charts for weeks and was named album of the year in Facemag and partysan magazines.
-Andreas has other successful projects that have been successfully placed worldwide. You could say he is one of the pioneers of the electronic music scene.
His past and new releases can be found regularly in the Dj sets by Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, Farrago, Kobosil, Daxj, 999999999, Klangkünstler, Deborah de Luca, Miss Djax and many more.
? When it comes to driving, hard techno, Andreas is one of the first addresses. All of these facts are the reason why many artists have chosen him as a producer.

Bubblejam 很榮幸地介紹ANDREAS KRAEMER。
?他是underground techno的創始人和大師之一。
從德國飛往台灣,與大家一起參與這些重要的時刻! WooHoo 呼呼音樂生活節和 Studio 9。
? Andreas Kraemer的音樂成功之路就像Techno流派的歷史課。
-18 歲時,由 Marc Acardipane 在歷史廠牌 PCP 上首次發行。
-20 歲時擁有第一個廠牌 Construct Rhythm,不久之後又擁有一個廠牌 Form Recordings。可以在那裡找到 Chris Liebing、Stigmata 和 Robert Natus 的出版物。
-從那時到 28 年後的今天,Andreas Kraemer已成為電子音樂行業的先驅之一,並在當時和現在的電子音樂界一些最大的唱片公司發行了 300 多張黑膠唱片和許多數字唱片。憑藉他在全球範圍內演奏過的無數 DJ 演出和出色的作品,您總能在銷售排行榜的前幾行找到他。
-2012 年,他與藝術家 Niereich (Kraemer & Niereich) 開始了一個項目。此後不久,Nachtstrom Records 發行了一張名為 Brett 的專輯,該專輯在銷售排行榜上連續數週位居第一,並被 Facemag 和 partysan 雜誌評為年度專輯。
-Andreas 還有其他成功的項目已在全球範圍內成功部署。可以說他是電子樂界的先驅之一。
在 Nina Kraviz、Amelie Lens、Farrago、Kobosil、Daxj、999999999、Klangkünstler、Deborah de Luca、Miss Djax 等人的 DJ 組合中,可以定期找到他的過去和新版本。
?說到driving 、hard techno,Andreas 是最早提到的人之一。所有這些事實都是許多藝術家選擇他作為製作人的原因。

?參加05/26-28的呼呼音樂節的朋友們,請保留你們的音樂節票根與入場QR,即可折價100元在我們的6/02台北S9 會有一場呼呼與Bubble Jam 聯袂after party,一路趴不停! ??
?Friends who participated in the WooHoo! Electronic Music Festival on 05/26-28, please keep your music festival ticket or admission QR, and you can get a discount of NT.100. In our 6/02 Taipei S9, there will be a WooHoo and Bubblejam after party ,party all the way non-stop!??

Where is it happening?

Studio 9, 台北市萬華區漢中街116號9F,Taipei, Taiwan

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