Boulder Ecstatic Dance (BED) - Luke Rain 3/17


Sun Mar 17 2024 at 06:15 pm to 09:30 pm


Avalon Ballroom | Boulder, CO

★ Join us for a fulfilling night of community, connection and dance! Our artist this week Luke Rain Dance lab facilitation by Maya Golan!

★ Rhythm of the Dance
6:15 - 6:30: Arrive and land in the space for Dance Lab
6:30 - 7:15: Dance Lab
Our intention for the Dance Lab is to co-create a core resonance of what is possible when we dance together in a more intentional, alive and collective way. We believe this is the foundation for creating a dance that so many of us are craving!!! Dance Lab can look like dance games, contact improvisation, connection games, etc. It is a place where we get to feel an invitation to bring more play, exploration, and attunement to our experience in dance space. Dance Lab primes us for a free-form, permission-filled ecstatic dance that invites us to tap into a more liberated expression of ourselves. [Accessible for all levels / No experience needed]
7:15 - 7:25: Dance Lab Debrief/ Opening Circle
7:25 - 9:15: Ecstatic Dance
This is the main course of the night where our artist will take us on a soundscape journey into movement as a community.
9:15 - 9:30: Closing
This is a space for individuals to share, express and be seen by the community and is the closing chapter of the evening.
*** Note: You are not required to participate in any part of this which does not feel alive for you. You have full permission to sit/rest/observe at any time of the evening. There is an altar space for pulling cards and meditation. There is also a squish zone for relaxing and cuddles. These spaces are still a part of the non-verbal dance space. You are free to arrive and leave when you wish. If the dance is at capacity, we must turn dancers away. Come early or buy a ticket in advance to ensure you make it in for the dance.

★ Location: Avalon Ballroom - 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, Colorado 80303
★ Tickets: Pay for a sliding scale ticket from $15-30 at the door or reserve a spot in advance through the ONE|Boulder ticket link.

★ Artist = Luke Rain
Luke Rain makes cool, refreshing, bassy drops and brings the drip like a hip hop hippie. In both his DJ sets and his production Luke is able to bend and blend genres across the musical spectrum, flowing effortlessly between bass and hip hop, electronic and organic, left field and pop appeal. He finds himself equally at home at a festival, rave, renegade campout or ecstatic dance.
Luke Rain is a producer, DJ, performer and educator from Seattle, WA. Songs that he produced have totaled over 7 million Spotify streams, he has taught over 500 private producer and DJ lessons, has released 4 songs on ill.Gates’ Producer Dojo record label, many more records independently, and in 2024 will be releasing at least 8 songs on Equanimous’ High Vibe Records label.
As a DJ Luke is a fixture in the NW ecstatic dance scene, and is expanding into the Southwest with a tour in the spring of 2024 culminating with a performance at High Vibe Festival in northern California.

Check out Luke Rain:


★ Dance Lab Facilitator = Maya Golan
Maya is a Dance Movement therapist, and has studied and taught yoga, theater, circus arts and contact improv in Israel (where she’s from) and Boulder. Maya is also a senior student and collaborator at Ape Co, teaching partnering and contact improv workshops and classes. Movement is one of her greatest passions and resources, and she holds a grounding, playful space to explore together.

The Dance
Ecstatic Dance is a free form dance meditation that encourages you to express oneself through movement with the support of an intentionally curated musical journey. The 'ecstatic' aspect refers to spontaneous and unrestrained movement, without concern for the aesthetics of the dance. By allowing ourselves to freely dance, we can express emotion and release stress, tension or emotions stored in our bodies. Ecstatic Dance provides a safe space to embark on a journey designed to encourage deeper connection with ourselves and others. Interaction and connection on the dance floor is encouraged. When desiring to dance with another, we are mindful, sensitive and slow, listening for their body’s “YES.” Some invitations are: mirroring their dance moves, offering a hand, making eye contact and smiling. If they turn away or offer prayer hands in front of their heart, this is their “NO.” There is no rejection, only an honoring of ourselves and each other. We don’t make someone’s no about us, instead redirecting ourselves and continuing to dance. If someone isn’t listening to your no, being inappropriate or causing you to feel uncomfortable, please tell someone on the BED team immediately.

Principles and Values of Space:
- Drug and alcohol free
- Sacred dance floor.
- Judgment and expectation-free zone with full inclusivity.
- Encouraging the practice of attunement to self, your physical space & other dancers.
- Full permission to feel, express and embody your emotions.
- Respectful honoring of your own and other dancer’s boundaries and personal space
- Focused on-verbal connection (no talking)
- Consensual. If it’s not a clear yes, it’s a no.
- Free of phones and cameras in the dance space. In other areas, keep them off or in airplane mode.
- Free of heavy perfumes or oils. Please practice body hygiene when you come to dance.
- Free of shoes

Want to Join the Team?
Each week we welcome a volunteer team to help with the day of dance roles. We hold this dance as a community effort and co-creation.
Sign up to volunteer here:
★★ Volunteer Roles ★★
★ Vibe Guardians
- Setting up the altar, squish/cuddle zone, lights, ambiance and cleansing of the space
- Angels of the space, offering loving support to help maintain a safe and aware group field.
- Team break down and clean up
★ Welcome Squad
- Welcomes and checks in attendees and sell tickets for the dance
- We need 1 paid person to support us from 6:00 - 9:30pm. You will receive $50 plus 1 free dance admittance for the future.
- We need 2 additional volunteers as support. One person will help from 6:00 - 7:30 pm and the other will help from 7:30 - 9pm.
- We need 1 floater volunteer to be flexible to take on one of the other volunteer roles in the event that someone becomes sick on the night of the event.
★ Skill Offerers
- Tribal markers/body painting
- Massage (bring your own table/chair)
- Art Vendor
- Serve Tea / Cacao / Elixirs
- open to other creative ideas
* Note, permission to charge for offerings.

Refund Policy:
- There are no refunds.
- Tickets are transferrable to another participant in advance of the event. If you want to transfer a ticket you are responsible for finding the buyer.
- We will not be able to respond to any questions about ticketing or participation during the 24 hours before the start of the event.

★ Hosts: Danny, Robin, Philana & BED Volunteer Team

Where is it happening?

Avalon Ballroom, 6185 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80303, United States,Boulder, Colorado
Boulder Ecstatic Dance

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